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My Desk (12): The Seat Gets Hotter In Nanakrom

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June 17, 2022
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I started this series with the first post titled, From Where I Sit and as it stands, the hot seat gets hotter by the day. Ghana is rife of a lot of issues so much that I cannot begin to write about them all as they keep exploding. I am so glad that you have followed through this series despite the pauses and the hurdles. I’m glad I have readers like you to keep me on my toes all the time. However, my desk can no longer contain the number of cases that keep dropping on my table. All the same I am going to attempt to finish this series and so here goes the final lap.

Favorite personalities

Let’s begin on a lighter note. In the spirit of honoring incredible people for their unique contributions in society, let’s do this sober reflection. Who are some of your favorite Ghanaian personalities as it stands now? I know most of you will mention the prominent businessmen and women in our society. Many of these great men are heads of some of the big institutions that have employed thousands of Ghanaians. Choosing such men and women as role models is not wrong after all.

But I will like to digress a bit. You see those people who make us laugh and tackle the issues head on in this country? Those people are not part of big corporations or media houses. Just think of the Tonardos, Twene Jonases, Teacher Kwadwos, Wanlov Kuborlors, Afia Schwarzeneggers, Ajagurajahs, Kwadwo Sheldons, Mama Lindas, Nana Made-in Chinas, Time Ghs, and the likes. If you ask me, they are the real MVPs using satire to tackle difficult issues in the country.

Consider them your therapists as they make you laugh and cry at the same time while serving you some of the hottest trends in an entertaining way. You can agree or disagree with me. That’s my opinion and that’s on period!


Now to some serious business. It has come to my notice that some people think that NABCO was a waste of time for the Ghanaian youth. For some, the whole initiative was ineffective if the youth were not given real jobs at the end of the program. For others on the discussion table, NABCO gave the youth enough skills for future endeavors. People asked me what my take on that was. All I can say for now is, the initiative could have been properly managed to enable skills acquisition and entrepreneurial acumen in the Ghanaian labor force. But what do I know?


The next item on my list is the issue of hierarchy in this country. Hierarchy has its place in society, no two ways about that. What we need get rid of is the hierarchy that places people in positions of power that they tend to abuse. We need to give people the opportunity to show us what they can do to bring impact the lives of others. Various kinds of bureaucracy at the government institutions is stifling creativity and innovation in the labor force of the country.

Who do you know? Who is your father? How old are you? Where do you get your motivation and funding from? These are questions people ask when they want to put you on a certain pedestal or want to cut you out of a deal. I believe that when some of these things are tackled, people will be able to confidently step in to build successful ventures and take up leadership positions at various levels of the economy.

Journalistic integrity

Our media personnel are an integral part of our economy. They are called the fourth estate of the realm for a reason. The media is a powerful tool, not only for politicians but for the entire citizenry. If you ask me, I think they can make and break a nation. This is the reason why we need a media that is independent and credible. We need the media to focus on development stories and avoid the propaganda which can tear the nation apart.

As it stands now, things seem to be getting hotter and harder for the ordinary Ghanaian. But it is up to the media to calm certain nerves. Yes, at all cost, they need to be transparent and truthful. However, to me a journalist with integrity is one that sets the right agenda for the people to discuss.

It is a media which is not influenced by external forces. It is one which offers solutions to the problems by showcasing not only the bad side of the nation but rather uses dialogues and discussions to gather proven and timely solutions that promote development and nation building.


Imagine a Ghana that is violent free and duty free. A Ghana that does not increase fuel prices every two weeks. A Ghana that has a good transportation system and road network. A Ghana where you do not have to pay heavy taxes before clearing your goods from the port. Just imagine a Ghana where every young person can easily own a business without being threatened by high taxes and high prices of office spaces. A Ghana where rental payment does not have to be one year or two years advance.

Just imagine a Ghana like Dubai or the USA. When you are done imagining, kindly come back to reality and let us face the ‘wahala’ together. Ends.

PS: Thanks for making it to the final part of My Desk Series. Don’t forget to subscribe and anticipate the next series. Stay tuned!

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