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Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones. -Bruce Garrabrandt

Creativity is one phenomenon that fascinates me a lot. I look around me and see beautiful things then I think to myself, “These only exist because someone decided to create incredible things.”

Creating something comes from having some of the wildest imaginations. Sometimes even moving an idea into a product stage takes a lot of imagination.

In a bid to inspire you to create and recreate, I hope that you first of all find it within yourself to want to ‘make magic happen’. Take up space and let the god nature in you spring forth.

You don’t just innovate or create because you want to. That’s only a recipe for disaster. You create because there is a need to solve a particular problem.

For all you creatives out there, the lesson is to take your time and to let your idea metamorphose into something beautiful before you finally launch out.

Sometimes the waiting period isn’t beautiful or fun. But if we are patient enough, we’ll be amazed at what outcomes we derive.

When you let the child in you come to play, you not only create magic; you attract a whole new world of goodies that will blow your mind. That becomes your reward for finding the balance to recreate and be innovative in a world that looks like it’s ready to die out.



    Thanks for sharing this. I have recently discovered my 11year old daughter is very creative. I came home one evening to see her painting a cartoon character, sponge Bob and I was stunned. I gave her Ghs10.00 for that and been looking for ways to encourage her to grow in her creativity. This is certainlya good read.

    • Justica says:

      Children are very creative and when encouraged, they grow up to be some of the most talented people in the world. Thanks for sharing Enoch.

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