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Benefits of Building Teams For Your Business and Career Growth

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“Organising the right team is more like calling your favorite people to a tea party.” -Anonymous

Ever wondered what it is like to build a team from the bottom up? Well, all the big organisations that you know started off by building great team members from the scratch. Infact, great teams help to build up great organisations. It is one of the stages of the organisation where one needto work the hardest because it is not easy to build a team of diligent and competent people. Here are a few things which building up a team can teach you as an individual. Keep reading if you feel like giving up on your team already. By the way, this post is inspired by Discover Prompts, a blog that I follow, and today’s theme is on “Team”. So here we go:


I have learnt in life that the right attitude gets you connected to the right people who in turn get you into the right environment. Building and working with teams introduces you to different people with different skills sets and attitude towards work. The beauty in the diversity of each team member is that which solidifies their relationship towards work. Selecting the right team with the right physical and mental attitude is always a plus for any organisation. Never settle for less. The higher number of members on your team who have the right positive attitude, the better for the organisation or business.


Organising teams is a great skill that not many people have. Green Arts Culture as a creative arts organisation did not just start with only one person. It required people to team up to keep the projects and events moving. The first trick to organising the team was opening a call for members of which many showed interest in. The next step was to test each member for the right skills. Trust me, the process was never easy. After the right number of team members was achieved, the real task ahead was to organise each member for meeetings and other engagements. To make sure you are doing it right, you always need a dedicated team who will not only show up when you need them, but the ones who also get things done. In the end, organising the right team is more like calling your favorite people to a tea party. With the right communication tools, organising can be easy. Everyone should be given a fair idea on the role they need to play and that will make the organisation well organised.


As a good leader or team member, you do not need to do most of the work in the organisation. Getting the other team members to take up some major roles is a good sign that your team can do the work without you. Always learn to delegate some of your roles to your top executives. Relying on the other team members to play your role shows that you trust them. This will make them even more dedicated as they may not want to fail at any task allocated to them, especially when they know that you have entrusted them with it. As a leader, this not only gives you room to tackle other important tasks, it also give you room to do business in other communities and countries.

Tolerance and Empathy 

Another thing team building can teach you is to tolerate other people. Since you will be dealing with people from different backgrounds, you must learn to adapt to their ways of life. You will learn a whole lot about your team members as some will open up to you about their fears and problems. This builds you up as an individual and gives you a different perspective on life. Tolerance will make you grow as a person and your team members will learn to appreciate you even more for being understanding of them. Tolerance does not however mean you should let down your guards. Be firm when you must and learn to be calm at all times and in every situation.

I hope these tips will be helpful as you keep leading and engaging teams. Be a good team member to your collegues and you will also enjoy the same reaction from them. Remember that there are always exceptions to the rules above. Always be ready for any surprises. All the best. Comment on how you have led teams in various ways in the comments section below. I’d love to know about them.

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