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A Time To Act: Stop Blaming Leaders And Get To Work

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In a world where systems may not be in the favor of the majority, the youth tend to find a way to play the blame game. Leaders, taxes, systems, bills and laws, and so on. These are the things we tend to waste our anger on when we can not to find our feet in a rather unfair world. As an advocate of social change, I like to tell people that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Although I am no economist or statistician, I know that when the youth work together, our world changes for the better. I believe doing the following can help us achieve a common good.

Positive attitudes

Right habits like being punctual, hardworking, respectful, and patriotic, can help us to work towards achieving a better future for ourselves and the unborn generation. People argue that our leaders have failed us but I believe it is the citizens who grow to become leaders. This means that we as citizens must change our attitude if we want to see better results in leadership.

Savings and investments

By listening to great men and women of our time, I know that a savings culture has helped most of them to acquire a lot in life. Instead of whining, we can learn to save the little that we work for so that we are able to accrue enough wealth for future emergencies. Investing in ourselves also helps us to seize the many opportunities which may come our way in the nearest future.

We are the ones we have been waiting for

Partnerships and mutual support

We must learn to collaborate when we lack resources or funding for the various initiatives that we embark on. That’s how we get a lot of work done for efficiency and productivity in our economy. When we sit back and give excuses, we only compound our problems as a people.

Social innovations/interventions

By innovating and creating, we become a society that embraces change. We are able to pull resources to develop our society. It is about time we utilize our creativity and build upon ideas to allow for more opportunities for ourselves and for those who look up to us. The phrase, “time is of the essence”, explains this context because it was coined at a time when the US was constructing the transcontinental railroad, a project which seemed impossible and yet several individuals bet their fortunes that it could be done. Nothing worth having comes easy.


There is the need for the masses to be educated. Many people are bereft of knowledge on certain important issues such as governance, economics, law, forex trading, among others. They are therefore left with no choice than to wallow in self denial. That is why we must take up the challenge as youth to set up initiatives and clubs to help train the less privileged in society. Government should also initiate policies that allow for higher education among the citizenry. This will ensure for an increase in literacy rates to allow for smooth decision making processes among citizens and the nation as a whole.

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