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5 Employable Skills You Need That Cannot Be Replaced By Technology

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In this age of technology we’re all creators. —Anonymous

Several research and publications have suggested that in a digital age, technology will win over the human work force. There has since been a panic across the globe since the news broke that robots were eventually taking over and evading people’s jobs. Although this may be partly true, Artificial Intelligence and robotics still need humans to operate effectively. That is the only way technology can thrive. Today’s article will discuss some requisite skills you need to master in order not to be replaced with technology. These skills are some of what you will need for career and entrepreneurial advancement.


This involves using your imagination and ideas to create something meaningful for a specific goal. One thing technology cannot do for itself is to think out creative ideas for solving pertinent global problems. As an added advantage, you need to have your creative juices on the high to make up for the world of technology. You can only master the art of creativity so as to think innovation in a relatively a digital economy.


Communication skills whether written or verbal are very unique skills that you need to master. Having this skill can open a lot of opportunities for you. If you have the skills to communicate effectively on diverse sectors, count yourself a highly skilled and highly sought after personality. Your public speaking as well as writing capabilities must be impeccable if you want to lead in the world of technology.

Content creation

Content creation has become one of the most required skills that cannot be replaced with technology. If you are able to create compelling content that attracts followers and various audiences to you, you are on the path to winning ahead of technology. Creating content can be a tough skill and that is why content creators are some of the highest paid professionals, not only in the tech industry but across all sectors . Be it content creation for blogs, websites, video production or YouTube, do not leave this high demand skill to chance.


Planning and strategy is part of every organisation’s daily, weekly and monthly roles. If you are able to strategise and plan out events and activities to yield great results, you are the right fit to help any technical team to meet their set targets. Having the ability to map out proven and tested strategies for any organizational growth is the hallmark for your career advancement, especially in a technological era as ours.

Technology management

Everywhere in the world, top notch engineering and technology management skills are in high demand in the job market. Management of systems and machines cannot done by robots entirely. Humans are needed to command these machines to complete specific particular tasks efficiently. So if you’re inclined with the requisite technological know-how on how to operate complex machines, know that your skills are in high demand. The world of technology will be more than willing to secure you a spot in any top tech company if you’re incredibly good at what you do.

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