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Youth in Tourism Conference 2018 Highlights

It was a bright Saturday which paved way for a smooth event at the plush Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra. There were dignitaries and beauty queens to grace the occasion. They include Miss Tourism World, Miss Tourism World Africa, Miss Tourism Nigeria, Zimbabwean Chairperson for the occasion, Lecturers from New York and the University of Ghana, Tourism ambassadors, and the likes. There were also students from various institutions and Universities. All the speakers gave very apt presentations which allowed participants some great lessons to pocket. There were new connections to make and a nice banquet to climax the occasion. As a tourism enthusiast, the great highlights and lessons I drew from the event are shared as follows.

Nobody is coming to the beach to watch plastics.

Sanitation, Tourism, and Job creation

There is the need to create artworks from wastes especially at the beaches. Teach children to keep their surroundings clean so that they will grow with it. Happy tourists in Ghana brings happy tourists to Ghana. Let us thrive to keep our country attractive to bring in more tourists and in turn improve revenue generation.

A section of youth at the Conference

Ministry of Tourism Rep Speech

Among other things, she stated the need to have courage, be committed, be confident, be passionate, have a purpose and follow it, have perseverance and be persistent in all you do as a youth.

Ziara/MEST Representative

Ziara is an organization aimed at connecting African tourism services to the rest of the world. This is what they had to share with the audience. First of all, create educational tours for school children. There is opportunity for business there. Other opportunities include educating people on your heritage and tourists sites using blogs, and offering tours to foreigners. The increasing trend of travel bloggers and tech driven tourism are also great areas to explore.

Tourism is a passion

Push the tourism agenda using social media. Also, promotion of stories about Ghana and Africa should be a consistent one through all media channels. Learn to drive all your passion through tourism so that it can thrive. Participants got the chance to suggest ways they can promote tourism through solving problems in their communities.

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