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Your Go To Tips For Dating a Control Freak

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Your Go To Tips For Dating a Control Freak

You’re probably in a relationship right now and you feel suffocated as the days and months go by. You have been wondering how to deal with a partner who not only drains the energy out of you but also makes you feel so small and worthless. Do you know that control freaks are difficult to date but sometimes the sweetest human beings on earth? They can be super domineering but it’s just their little way of seeking attention and not wanting to let their relationship go. So here are some tips to dating these special breed of humans.

Sweet talk

Women and men who are control freaks may be battling an inner pain which they may not even know about. They are sometimes bossy and behave like they do not want you around, a habit which makes their partners feel lost and disturbed. You need to often say nice words to them to eliminate their insecurities. For instance, tell them how beautiful they look and how much you adore them. Control freaks are moved by sweet words as it breaks their defenses. Try it.

Help out

Find out what they need help with and offer to help. Do not be sitting on the fence and hope they will not burst out and complain. They like to see action and if you can, always help out in the best way. They find that attractive and it can equally tame their controlling nature. Control freaks will like the idea that they are still in charge while both of you work together, and that also helps their ego a lot.


Share your intentions with them and make them feel like they are part of your plans. When you tell control freaks about your challenges with how they behave, they can rethink their attitude towards you. For most people who like to control their partners, communication is what draws their attention to who they are and that may lead to a positive change. Once they are aware of what their actions may cost them, they tend to adjust to newer patterns and gradually change for the better. The change may however take time and so be patient with them.

Soft spots

Find out what makes them soften up and keep doing just that. For some, it’s a foot rub while for others, it’s playing music from a particular playlist. In order to avoid irrational behaviors such as seizing your phone or nagging about a previous event that you missed, you have to know their soft spots and play along that line. Whenever their clingy or controlling nature pops up, suggest a fun activity which will make them soften up a bit.

Avoid arguments

This is one thing you do not want to engage in if you want your peace of mind. Control freaks are built for arguments and the more you engage them in one, the higher the risk of losing them. Mind you, being a control freak does not make them bad people, it just means they like to take charge, and to feel like they have full ownership of their partners. You need to frequently make them feel loved and that’s all it takes to be their number one fan.

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