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Why You Should Document Your Life

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Why You Should Document Your Life

Hello there! Trust you’re holding up great and wrapping up well for the year’s end. Nothing comes easy but soft life is calling right? Yes I know. Have life your way and enjoy every journey you are on. I just came to give you tips on why documenting every part of your life is important. I hope this inspires someone to take up the idea and be great.

Achievements and wins

In this era of social media, we easily follow the bandwagon and get swayed into the lives of other people while feeling miserable about ours. You can only revive the energy you once had with life by documenting your achievements and wins. Not only will that help you in the hard times, it will give you the sense of energy to keep going no matter what it takes.

Life’s stages

Document your life so that if you have files saved of you at every stage of your life, it encourages you to want more out of life. You are not trapped in the maze and thinking, “Where do I go from here?”. Keep building memories that you can hold on to and be grateful when life goes difficult.

Helps organize

Documenting helps you organize your day to day activities while helping you finish through tasks you planned for yourself. You follow through every task one after the other with the hope of being able to do a written or photo report on your activities.

Grateful heart

Gratitude is something we take lightly in this part of our world. However, when you put your activities together in a collage you are able to become more grateful for the life you currently have that you previously hoped for.


Above all, documenting helps you keep a strong mind. This means you are able to focus on better because you can track the trajectory of your life. You can see progress and would want to achieve more and better for yourself and for those around you. Remember that high school photo of you and your friends? How does it make you feel looking back? How does it inspire you to work towards your goals?

I hope this helps you forge ahead and be your best self going forward. Take every step of your journey seriously as if it was your last experience. That way, you are inspired to document through journaling or photos. Wish you a great week.

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