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Why Write or Blog? ( Lessons From #BlogCamp16)

Blogging is growing and becoming a part of the newest trends in today’s Ghana. More and more people, especially the youth, are getting to understand the need to blog or share their experiences with a larger audience. Blog Camp by Blogging Ghana has been a great platform where bloggers and social media enthusiasts converge to learn and share ideas. I’m excited to share with you some exciting lessons from the event.

A blog can in simple terms be explained as a platform where an individual or a group share information for the benefit of a larger audience. If you are interested in having a blog, the first step is to sign on to either Blogger or WordPress. That will be your first launch into the writing world. Incase you have any difficulties, you can seek help from anyone or even on Google. Now, back to our lessons from #BlogCamp16. 

Create Your Space

Oftentimes, a lot of us feel the need to let our voice be heard yet find no place to pour it out. Blogging, creating a post, writing, are all best ways to let your voice be heard. Unlike traditional ways where we write and post letters and wait for months before we get a reply, blogging presents us with a better feedback. There are people who may want to be heard or related to in the way that we feel. When we write, we  are likely to get to these people, and in a way we provide them a sense of belonging. Writers and bloggers are able to share relevant messages with people who may need such content for various purposes. Your own blog or website becomes your own diary, notebook, workplace, anything, you name it, where you can channel across any message you have with the rest of the world. 

Be the Source

One blogger shared how her post on Environmental Activism became a resource for some media houses to fall upon at some point of their discussions. I thought that was might have felt good for this Blogger. The point is,  most information that writers share are factual and resonates a particular situation. Writing about experiences, history, politics, science, economics, and the many other topical issues can be a reference point for discussions and learning. Start writing about what you want the world to know which seem out of reach to them. You will be amazed at how your work may be useful to someone out there. I am a living proof of that. Time and time again, people email me and tell me how an article by me has really been of help to them. 

Brands and Content

A lot more brands in the world are in search of people who are creating relevant content on their websites and blogs. These brands are willing to pay huge sums monies in order to be associated with great content creators. A Typical example in Ghana is AmeyawDebra.com, which is making good money out of their blog because they have the content that brands want to associate with. A good content has more readership, is authentic, informative, and consistent in its publishing. It also has great layout and a catchy appeal to the eyes.

Connect with the world

One sure thing every Writer will tell you is that they love to get feedback. Most writers enjoy both the positive and negative criticisms that come from their readers. It is one way we learn to sharpen ourselves and be better writers. Blogging gives you the chance to build some connections that can last for a lifetime. It links people who share the same vision and dreams together. It also allows you to tell another person’s story in a whole new twist, or even similar manner. Writers, Bloggers, Social media enthusiasts, are all connecting to the world in one way or the other. There is no better way to stay connected with people in the global village in which we find ourselves. 

That brings us to the end of yet another wonderful learning experience. I’m glad to have shared some of my experiences with you on the need to join the Writing Community. Do send me a feedback and I will be glad to reply.

Justica Anima

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