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August 24, 2020
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Why Women Cheat

How is it possible to hurt someone you love so much? Is it possible to end a relationship in which you are unhappy rather than hurting the other person with your infidelity? Being with someone else other than your partner is considered an act of cheating and in most societies, the act is frowned upon. This article will explore some of the reasons why women cheat.


Women can smell non-commitment from afar. That is why whenever the woman feels threatened, she coils into her safety shell and refuses to give out more than she is getting. If you can not commit to her, a woman will more likely find someone else who will commit to loving her for who she is.


Women like the idea of having a hero who can protect them. She could be threatened by various circumstances and being there as her man will mean a lot to her. Whenever a woman thinks her man does not care about her safety, she may look elsewhere; where her safety is guaranteed.


Obviously, we all know that most women like attention. Most of the things women do are for the attention of other people, both men and women alike. Not showering her with compliments when she wears her best outfit will easily break her heart. It gives off the impression that you may be giving the attention to someone else besides her. As soon as someone else comes and sweeps her off her feet with attention, be sure she’s going to leave you for the better.


Happiness in this context could mean different things for different people. If your woman is constantly complaining of not being happy, or if she always looks gloomy around you, it’s your responsibility to find out how you can make her happy.

I hope this few tips helps you to find out some of the things that could lead women to cheat. And if you are keen on saving your relationship, maybe you could consider some of these things to help save your relationship. Let me know what you think in the comments box below.

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