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Why Today’s Youth Seem More Confused Than Ever

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August 9, 2020
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August 10, 2020
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With the increase in technology and Internet usage, one may presume that today’s young people will be smarter than their predecessors. It is rather saddening that they are doing less with the more opportunities at their disposal. Young people today are missing key elements of learning and growth because they refuse to tap into knowledge.

The average young person today is more likely to be surfing the Internet most of their time and yet achieving less in life. This may be a good thing if they were making good use of the Internet by; learning relevant skills on YouTube, and building sellable apps and brands. However, the reverse is happening which calls for alarm.

Disregard For Leaders

Most young people don’t hold great people in high esteem. Now everyone believes that they are ‘superstars’ of some sort. Instead of regarding people in higher positions and drawing close to them,we rather tend to withdraw. Young people call leaders names instead of tapping into their expertise. They would be admiring them in their hearts but outwardly you find them lambasting celebrities, parliamentarians, entrepreneurs, professionals and great people in general. I cannot tell whether they do this out of jealousy, yet these are the same people we look up to and wish to be like in future. This is how the confusion starts, bringing us to our next point.

Not Confiding In the Right People

You know what? I recommend John C. Maxwell’s ‘Good Leaders Ask Great Questions’ to you. It teaches practical questions and ways one can deal with Leaders to become a leader. Another challenge for most young people is asking questions. Now, imagine you do not have any role models who fall in the Leadership category mentioned in the first point, how will you ever ask questions. You will hear a lot of young people discussing the answers they sought from friends or the Internet.

The scare is whether these information are right or wrong. Most of the information on the Internet are not from experienced people. Also, there is nothing concrete your friend, except they have also acquired it from a good source or are doing well in those areas. You see, the thing about asking the right questions from the right people is that you gain expert advise.

The reason most people are confused is that they do not have the right people in their contacts that they can seek the right answers from. Even with those who have the right people, they refuse to ask for fear of rejection or due to pride. The rule is simple, ask good questions when you get the chance to be with the right network of people.

Not Getting the Right Answers

A lot of people are confused in life because there are too many selfish people around us. You may ask the questions but not get the right answers. Some people fear to share their experience for fear of someone stealing their ideas. For instance, a student asks a teacher a question and they get the response, “Go and do your own research.”

A participant at a seminar may also ask a question from a resource person but they tend to give shallow feedback and expect you to find out the real details by yourself. This causes people to adopt the ‘try and error’ method which leads to huge mistakes that could have been avoided in the first place. My appeal to parents and leaders is that they should try and be transparent enough in their bid to mentor young people.

Poor Teaching and Learning Methods

We are in the dispensation where young people are unable to think for themselves because they are used to been ‘spoon fed’. Most teachers do not adopt the discussion and assignment methods frequently. This makes the children dull and expectant of the teacher’s tutorials. The result of this is that young people end up failing in life, beginning with their examinations. I believe we can do better especially at the lower levels of education and parenting. When well taught, young people become smart in their thinking and are not always dependent on someone for help. In the end, there will be less confused people in the world.

Using Social Media Platforms Wrongly

I believe another thing young people are doing wrongly is the abuse of social media. The thing about social media is that it can be misleading and addictive. However, using the various mediums such as Facebook and Instagram wisely can be life changing. There is more to social media than meets the eye. Facebook is a good channel to sell products and ideas to people. Not every person is wired to be an entrepreneur.

Finding typical issues and areas to discuss and talk about on Internet can help shape someone’s life directly and indirectly. So instead of taking pictures of yourself everyday, which is boring and sometimes annoying, what can you offer that can change someone’s life? There are a lot of opportunities that one can attract when social media is used wisely. Build contacts there by following and adding friends who are success minded. Exposure to good ideas and products shared on social media helps make an impact on young people.

I hope I have been able to unravel some secrets that can help you ease up some confusion. Please remember to read, read, and read. Also, never underestimate the power of networking with the right people. These things make life much easier to live. I would like to know how you have overcome some of life’s uncertainties as an individual. Kindly do share with me by commenting

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