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Why I Haven’t Stopped Writing And Why You Should Not

Don’t be afraid of what other people think of you. It doesn’t mean they are right. Life will continue for you, regardless of what others think of you. There will always be someone who doesn’t like you or doesn’t agree with you.”– The Mission

Why I write

Someone once questioned if my write ups were personal experiences of some sort. As my creative writing lecturer will put it, there is nothing like fiction. Even the most fictional stories are born out of stored up experiences in the subconscious mind. Sometimes, we are also forced to believe that the stories we tell are imaginary. To answer the question of whether or not I write from personal experiences, I will say, I write to tell the world what I wish someone else told me.

Don’t waste up talent

I was recently studying the story of the Master and the talents he gave to his servants. Those who used it profitably, he showered with more. The one who did not use it up and stored it was deprived of even the one that he had. Why waste up talent when you can use it up to profit yourself and society? The old movie, “A Bronx Tale” has so much lessons about wasted talent that we can all pick up great lessons from.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing lessons to help others do what they love best is what I have learnt to do best. I am filled with excitement when others find a reason to do what they know how to do best after reading my posts. Well, I may have accomplished a few feats because someone else believed in me or because I read something from someone which inspired me to keep moving on. I constantly find myself in the same shoes; to walk the talk as others try to find reason through my writings.

Writing Can Be Difficult

I must confess that writing is not for everyone. If you are not passionate about it, you may give up along the way. It also requires dedication and if you are always busy with all other personal issues, you may end up being too tired to write. However, we all make time for the things that we love most, right? We also make time for the things that bring us food on the table.

Don’t ever stop doing anything because you are too scared to make mistakes or too afraid of failure. To answer another question someone asked me, “What keeps me going?”. Writing does. Find yours and if you already have, keep going with it too.

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  1. Let’s say it is an irony. In the middle of reading I thought to myself the title of this article should have been “Don’t waste up talent.” Then I smiled remembering what I have just read in the opening quote: “Don’t be afraid of what others think about you”.

    That’s a good article: short and straight to the point. Thanks for writing

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