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Whatever You Do, Stay In Love

For obvious reasons, our generation is becoming a self love one where everyone says they are learning to fall in love with themselves first before falling for anyone else. I have chanced on various people who happily announce their single relationship status and seem not to be bothered about it. As hypocritical as it may sound, some people are just okay being alone. Others may argue that loneliness is psychological but several researches have proven the need for self love which later transcends into loving others.

Reasons for Love

People fall in love for various reasons. Some do so for companionship and affection. The latest and most interesting of all the reasons for love is for partnerships. Yes, you heard me. People are now falling in love for business purposes; to grow and support each other’s business ventures. This is not a bad reason at all if both parties are eventually happy together. This reason for love is said to amount most of the successful relationships that exist. Today’s love world seem to be full of selfish reasons and people end up falling in love for the wrong reasons and sadly end up getting hurt. But there is no reason for panic. Love is what it is. A free flowing affection for the other individual despite all odds. It most often does not have to leave room for questions like, “Could this be Love?”.

The Hurt Syndrome

I have seen several people going out of their way to love deeply and later get heartbroken in the end. This is a natural phenomenon. Not everybody will go through a heartbreak in their lifetime. However, millions of people find themselves in that situation day in and day out. No one sets out to get hurt by another person but it still happens. That does not change the fact that there are still good people out there who will treat you right when you finally get to meet them. There is no need for shutting out love that you so desire or need. Still pursue love by starting to love yourself, those around you, and eventually your partner.

Give love, receive love

People need to understand that with every action there is a reaction. It is a general principle in life. You cannot give hate and expect love in return. Only those who give love will eventually have peace of mind to receive the love that they deserve. You can imagine pouring oil into a jar and coming back to see it filled with water. That can be a ridiculous and awesome sight to behold. This is to say that no one gives love and doesn’t reap lots more love in return. Of course, you may get a negative reaction sometimes but to persist in love is to gain mastery over it.

Whatever you do out there, make sure that you give out love. For all the hate and hurt, love will always win. Take the opportunity of the season to love with all your might. May love find you in many places as you give it out. Share your thoughts with me in comments box below. I’d love to hear from you.

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