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What will be different in 2018?

“You have the world at your feet. Stop throwing your life away for nothing.”- Anonymous

It is interesting to know that we are in a new year. More possibilities awaits us as we usher ourselves into this newness of hope and believe in who and what we stand for. I am not particularly sure how things are going to work out but I know that it will end well for those who begin well. As I type this, I am just on my way home from my morning jogging. Yes! Keeping fit has been an all year round goal for me. Nothing new. So you see, you might as well pick up from the good old habits and keep working at them.

There’s probably going to be renewal of old things which are already in existence. Iphone will probably remodel a new phone; not necessarily new but new features. Google remains google except for a few ad-on features. Your mama will be the same old woman and so will be your papa and your high school friends. Newness is what you make of things. Your life is without measure up until the day when you kiss the earth goodbye.

Go solo on the things you plan of doing. Gladly, we are almost done with some months and it seems like there is a long way to go. However, remember to keep your life at a pace that will allow you embrace opportunities: that may be your only change. Anticipate. Grow. Be bold. Keep in mind that you are the only new thing that you can recieve by making new changes to your dreams and by moving forward every now and then.

So what will be new in your 2018? Figured something out? Drawn your vision board? Made necessary plans for growth and increase in all aspects of your life? Are you ready for newness?

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