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What It Means To Stand In Your Own Truth

“You need to know that you alone are enough.” -Maya Angelou

Going into the world as a professional, leader or a great personality comes with its advantages as well as numerous challenges. Sometimes it is not easy to get yourself out of the door without getting scratched. The unique thing about holding your voice and standing up for your own truth is that it can attract both good and bad, and then you’ll have to choose which one stays. It gets to the point where you have to make tough decisions for yourself and also for others who look up to you. Here are a few tips to go by:

Being surrounded with positivity

You need to have people in your life who you’re helping and who in turn are supporting you. Helping in service to others, not only makes you grow, but also empowers you to do more. One of Larry King’s favorite sayings goes like; “Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great because greatness is determined by service”. When you work in service while sacrificing your time to help others, you grow yourself and learn on the journey. This also keeps you and those around you happy and that transcends into a positive outlook on life.

Dealing with the haters

When it comes to naysayers, there is the need to step aside for them to pass with all their negativity. There are a lot of bullies and negative people who will do their best to stop you from achieving your goals. Once you know what you stand for and who you are, you will be able to forfeit such people. There will definitely be moments when negativity may get to you so much and make you want to give up. It is important to keep yourself up in such situations. Ask yourself what you are doing to change your life and that of others rather than focusing on the negativity.

Keeping still

It is not easy to keep calm when all that is being thrown at you suggests that you do otherwise. Trying to feel the good energy that comes from people is key to rising above the noise. Don’t ever try to feel less of yourself. Keeping still means re-writing the wrongs and keeping your focus. And when there are a lot of things to do at a time, try to keep a balance but learn when to stop and relax. There is no denying the fact that it’s hard to keep your composure in challenging moments. When this happens, always remember that life is in phases; and that we must keep striving in order to get to the peak of the mountain.

I hope these few tips help you to keep believing and striving to be your best. Do share your own tips on standing and staying in your own truth in the comment box below.

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