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What If Your Dreams Never Come True?

Heck! Who dreads this question like I do? Well, sometimes you need to ask yourself the hard questions in order to get prepared when they come. I have gotten to the point in my life where nothing comes as a surprise to me because I know that sometimes you lose. You want to win and then you don’t, so what next? Should that be the end of the road for you? You want to attain perfection or success but it takes long to come. Does that scare you off your goals?

Sometimes life puts us in uncomfortable situations that make it seem like our dreams are invalid. For instance, you get the opportunity to pitch in front of potential investors and they all turn you down. Or maybe you lose out of a relationship that you have sacrificed so much for. How does that make you feel? Sometimes too you get into a competition that you need to win at all cost, and then you lose. How does that have a toll on you? Does it make you a failure in life?

A lot of people put their lives on hold because of temporary losses. They give up too soon. They fall out of the race because they write themselves off. You are your own cheerleader, they say. And yet, don’t we all feel the urge to have other people encouraging us at some points in our lives? Betterstill, it is in picking yourself up and dusting things off that will put you on the road map to winning before anyone else can do that for you. Mind you, discipline and tenacity counts. Also, always have a plan B or an alternative to your dreams. This will help you switch anytime your ultimate goal seems to be falling out.

This is especially to my fellow young people. Let’s go back to asking ourselves the hard questions. What if your dreams do not come to pass? Have you ever thought of what you will do? Will life be such a bitter experience for you? Will you hide yourself from friends? How will you treat yourself when life throws it’s hardest bricks at you? Will you lock yourself up for weeks? Will you end it all? (Let me know your thoughts in the comments section).

A friend recommended the Jesuit exercise to me and I thought I should share. It’s about writing the Obituary you’d wish to have and then assess your life in the process. It will help you monitor whether you’re traveling in the right direction to achieve your goals or not. It is a form of Journaling which is really helpful. I recommend it to you. To me, it makes life more meaningful and less stressful.

I hope you enjoy the exercise. Always remember to have fun wherever you find yourself. Life can be full of happiness too, you know?

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  1. Insightful piece. God bless you. I will be trying that Jesuit thing too…thank you.

  2. Thanks too for reading and sharing your feedback, Martey.

  3. So on point….

  4. This is a great piece! It’s so true the quality of one’s life depends on the quality of questions you ask yourself.
    It’s quite amazing how I have been consciously ignoring this question for sometime now. I mean I am scared of what I will find. But on the brighter side I think it’s important I find (or we find) a plan B incase the main plan doesn’t work.
    But in the mean time let’s keep working hard and be disciplined as we work towards achieving our dreams.
    Great article Justica Anima, thumps up!

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