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Ways to Becoming A More Assertive Business Woman

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Ways to Becoming A More Assertive Business Woman

Women need assertiveness in the business world. Setting boundaries and clearly communicating can increase their satisfaction in their careers.

Follow the tips below to become more assertive as a woman in business. You’ll repay yourself with better working conditions and a healthier relationship with your boss and colleagues.

Learn to set Boundaries

The uneven power dynamic sometimes complicates setting boundaries at work. After all, most mere mortals need their paychecks. However, you’ll enjoy your daily existence, develop a better work-life balance and be more productive once you learn to set boundaries.

For example, if your boss plops another project onto your already-full plate, you might say, “I’m happy to prioritize this assignment. What other tasks would you like me to move so I can get this done first?”

Likewise, you might have been hired remotely during the pandemic but recently got ordered to the office. If doing so will negatively impact your performance or lifestyle, set up an appointment with your boss. You might say, “A commute wasn’t part of our original agreement and it increases my expenses. Can we negotiate a travel stipend?”

Maintain eye contact and offer a from handshake

Your body language says a lot about your confidence. Here’s a trick to maintain eye contact — look at a spot on the other person’s forehead between their eyebrows. It’s less intimidating than locking eyes but gives them the impression that you’re gazing directly at them.

Make a small bottle of hand sanitizer your best friend. That alcohol comes in handy for drying your palms before shaking hands.

Remain mindful of your emotions

Dysregulated, out-of-control emotions can make you sound aggressive or even petulant. Learn how to keep your feelings in check and take time-outs when necessary to collect yourself before continuing. For example, it’s acceptable to say, “I’d like to take a break,” if a meeting grows too tense. Use the time to walk around the building and mindfully breathe.

Ask others for their opinions

Remember, part of being assertive is considering the feelings of others. Ask your colleagues for their input and opinions. Doing so also lets them know you value their expertise and makes them feel appreciated.

Know your rights

It helps to know what you can request in the business world. For instance, you might mention that telecommuting is a reasonable accommodation if doing so doesn’t affect your performance. Stating your needs and asking for ways to improve your situation is perfectly understandable and well within your rights.

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