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Want to Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet?

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Want to Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet?

There are several ways to make life happen for you without having to own the most expensive car or the most luxurious mansion. In your own small way you can achieve a sense of fulfillment by ticking all the boxes on your to-do-list, even if it includes owning a car or moving into your own apartment. So how can you achieve this, you may wonder. Well, here’s how to achieve the best results according a few experts I follow and glean life lessons from.

75 days

Map out a 75 day challenge to cut out on all the things that keep you from achieving your desired personal or professional development goals. For most people, being organized and following a schedule can be difficult but a 75 days plan will set you up for a total change in routine. You will be able to plan, organize and execute most of the goals you set out to achieve this year.


A wise man once told me not to ever lose my focus. Truth is, sometimes there may be distractions on your path to achieving great results however, your ability to stay headstrong and focused can set you up for many wins and accomplishments.


Discipline is one of the most dreaded words people like to avoid. However, staying disciplined and deciding not to flout your own laid down rules is key to achieving much more results that are different from the ones you achieved in the previous year. If you set out to exercise everyday, stick to the plan until the final day. To make things easier, break down all your big goals into smaller chunks and be sure to finish through.


Keeping in mind that your health is your wealth will enable you to go at a pace which will not leave you burnt out. Prioritizing your health means checking your weight, following a diet plan, and drinking lots of water to help you replenish lost energy. Going for regular check ups is also key to helping you grow stronger all year round.


What are you grateful for? This may sound cliché but having a heart of gratitude gives way for more better opportunities. It helps you to manifest bigger things in life and keeps you motivated in order to achieve your set goals.


Achievements may sound superficial. The ones who you see succeeding are the ones who decided they needed a change and went out to achieve their goals. In order for you to get more closer to your goals, you also need to change. I hope the above tips will enable you to achieve all that you set out to do this year. Let’s go smash some goals!

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