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Unforgettable Life Lessons From  Anima Misa Amoah

I have had many people call me “Anima Misa” just because I bear the name Anima. I never thought I would ever come so close to such a celebrated talented actress. Anima Misa won the hearts of many movie lovers in the 80’s, with the movie, Love Brewed in an African Pot (a must-watch directed by Kwaw Ansah).  One of her recent movies however was Shirley Frimpong Manso’s, Adams Apples. She currently runs Sapphire Ghana Limited with Kwaku Sintim Misa of the KSM show. We had a good talk about religion, education, and life in general. There were a few lessons that I picked up from our long conversation that I would like to share with my cherished readers.

Having your own opinion

She said this was something she picked up from her dad. He was always ready to listen and answer questions from young Anima Misa. This practise allowed her to form varied ideas about life. Also, he never shoved any information down his children’s throats which made them independently minded. To her, it is rather sad that young people today have been made gullible to accept information which are no more relevant in our times.

Learn to research information

According to her, there was no sure way to knowledge than searching for it. She acquired the name Groovy Granny because she is known for always looking for new information about events and happenings on the internet. This to me is a very key lesson for young people and even the older folks who think that they have nothing new to learn. Learning and researching is a very important life skill.

Stop living in fear

Too many people are walking in fear because of religion and superstitious beliefs. In such a modernized world, holding thoughts about witchcraft, demons and superstitions is negative, she mentioned. I couldn’t have agreed less. She said that instead of channelling our energies into fighting unseen spirits, we should rather learn to live with a positive mindset. Our fear of these unexisting forces is what makes us impoverished in our societies. People develop hatred and so much negative attitude towards their neighbors for fear of the unknown which is not good for both personal growth and national development.

Live life in your own way

It takes few people to think and act differently from the norm. Although choosing such a path could be challenging, it also allows you to enjoy life better. It all boils down to being open minded and free thinking. People may call you names like crazy and wierd but that is the only way you will stand out from the lot.

Dear reader, cheers to an amazing life full of positivity and happiness. Pass this on to someone out there who you think might need to read this. Together, let’s make the world a better place.

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