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Understanding Love From the Feminine Side

Love and relationships can be a thing of fun. When you meet the one, your world becomes full of fantasies and happiness. That man or woman becomes the first thing you think about in the morning, and the last in the evening. Women tend to be more emotional inwardly and outwardly when hit by love.

Attention seeking

Women love differently from men. They are more soft and attention seeking. When a woman is in love she wants to know that her man
shifts enough attention to her needs and being. She observes with skepticism how he treats her, the time he devotes to her and the manner in which he upholds her either in private or in public. When the attention is drifted from her unto other areas of his life, the woman bottles in and does not give her all in the relationship. Lack of attention serves as a warning signal for most women.


Women love to be cuddled and in turn they will cuddle back. A woman who is in love loves to be in her man’s arms and on his chest, to be kissed on her forehead, whiles his hands run through her hair, at their lone moments. In public she will prefer to be held close or hand in hand. This is a prove of love for most women. Sadly only few gentlemen can handle this truth.


Every loved woman learns to be respectful to her man. She forgoes all pride and confidence and relates with respect as she would with her dad. In turn, she demands to be treated with respect. By so doing, her man must respect her time, family, career, personality, and even her sexuality. When the respect is lacking, a woman will easily flee to a safe side. Abusive men are red flags!

Care giving

Every true woman knows the essence of being well taken care of by her man. Relationship experts have actually denounced the notion that women who expect gifts and money from their men are “gold diggers”. It is only weaker men who enter a love train and expect to do nothing for their women. Women appreciate the art of gifts, surprises, dinners and being well taken care of. This gears them up to do even more for their men.


Women by their nature are not easily sex driven unlike their male counterparts. However, if there should be the act of sex, women attach a lot of meaning to a good one. Where good sex means enough romance, foreplay and good riding. Nothing leaves an indelible mark in the minds of women like a wonderful sex with the man of their lives. So if you will succeed with your woman, you must get to her heart not only by words but by the physical connection that bonds lovers together the most, sex.

This should help you guys, and ladies stop worrying your heads over nothing. You are just perfect and these qualities are just normal. Happy relationship.!

Justica Anima

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