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To The Lost Soul Making Sense Out of Nothing

Writer, Fiifi Khoruz
And would you be alarmed if everything went dark at a point? Not literally dark but the point where you don’t need flash-on to get the picture. Sometimes, you reach a point in your life where you know this is your lowest ever. It may vary from finance issues to broken hearts. Pick your frame; we all can’t have the same problems.
Well, for most people, that is their breaking point. The point where they wish the earth could open up and swallow them because they do not see how possibly they can get back up from such a fall. I am not here to show you the process for getting back up on your feet. I’m not being mean. Honestly, I just don’t know the steps for rebounding from a really bad situation. I am just here to remind you of two things:
No condition is permanent.
You most probably have heard this simple sentence a time too many, but did you ever make something of it? Have you thought about it before? You know, just like you sit and think about ways to make it up to your crush when you wrong them? Yeah, you should pay attention to these things also. I wish I could go back in time with you. Name all the greats and how things have always not been rosy. Speaking of ‘rosy’, how did that character in Devious Maids become a Private Investigator in Season 4?
The writers of the show really have some tricks up their sleeves. I hope one of them is to renew for a fifth and sixth season and please keep the Powell couple alive and relevant in the series. They define humor, especially for me. Sorry for veering off course; when I start talking about my favorite TV shows, I can’t seem to stop. But then again, notice how we were talking about desperate moments in life and then I switched to talking about a TV show?
That tells how absolutely no condition is permanent. You can’t possibly stay at one level your whole life. So let’s get back to naming the greats in history. The only name that comes to my mind is Steve Jobs. This is really sad for me because I have wanted an Apple product since 2011 but I still don’t own any.
Anyway, that man is… was a phenomenon. ‘Is’ seems appropriate here because the man’s ideas and products still linger on long after his unfortunate passing away. Steve jobs changed the world! I am sorry if you don’t feel the same way because you are stuck on Android and Microsoft products. All nice and well, but know that Jobs was the man. Now relating this to no condition being permanent, you should be reminded again that he was kicked out of the company he founded. [I need a crash course in Business Administration and Law to know how something like that could happen.] But it happened.
This is a man that dropped out of college to start a company. That means that at that point, his whole life was about that hustle. Then he got kicked out…
Let that sink in while I take a moment to text my crush who uses an iPhone by the way.
…So through a series of events which included Jobs founding another company, NeXT, he returned to Apple in 1997, a whooping 12 years after being forced out. Long story short, just know that no condition is permanent. As I said early on, I am not here to tell you how to rebound from a bad situation. I am just here to remind you that no condition is permanent and also…
Pick yourself up.
That sounds like a really harsh thing to say to someone who has just suffered a major setback. Pardon me but, that’s the truth you are here for. You don’t need to stay down when you fall. Of course that’s your choice to make. I’m just reminding you to do so, remember? I really wish I could talk about another person but maybe later. Read point one again – when Apple forced Steve Jobs out, he didn’t go home and say, “nah, I’m not trying anymore.” He founded NeXT, a computer platform development company specializing in state-of-the-art computers for higher education and business markets. Jobs picked himself up.
You might not like Steve Jobs because you don’t like Apple products, but that’s not the point here. [You are probably too broke to buy an iPhone, admit it.] Thing is, when you find yourself at the lowest point in life, you need to take a deep breath and do what all the greats did. They got back up. Funny thing is, you already knew this. You just needed to be reminded again. I know a man who dated a fine lady for 7 years. They made plans to marry and have the world’s finest babies. You know, those things that you people in love mutter to one another. I can’t relate because I’m single, and at the time I dated, we were both too young to whisper such things.
Oh! how I thought I loved her. She left me for a guy who fiddled with microphones in the hopes of becoming the best rapper since D-Black. Anyway, the man that dated the fine girl for 7 years had the shock of his life when… when the girl died. You thought she left him for another guy. Not all girls are selfish please. This one died. The man was devastated. Neighbors found him hanging from the ceiling of his room, apparently in an attempt to end his life. He failed.
When he regained his strength, he went in to see a counsellor. That was when he learned two valuable things: no condition is permanent; pick yourself up. He had a fresh look at life and proceeded to live again. (Most of you are alive but you are not living). Believe me, the man found another lady. They got married after a brief courtship. He now looks happier than me (and I am supposed to be the happiest man alive.. smh).
So it’s really simple. To you these may not be rules to live by. But they are definitely rules to remember. You already knew them, you just needed to be reminded. Live your life knowing that no condition is permanent. Anything can happen to you at any time. Just don’t be very surprised if you fall. Just smile.. okay not smile, that fall might be really hard. My bad. But just know that such things are bound to happen and that you SHOULD always pick yourself up.
PS: Can I get an iPhone and/or a Macbook, please? Thank you.
Written by:
Fiifi Khoruz
(+233) 024-412-7750

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