All too soon you have a crush on someone. Then you realize that you two are meant to be together. When the both of you are together,  you can feel the mechanism and attraction. Cool, is it not? All too soon you must decide to keep this person. This can be very tough in your brain. A few tips below:

Fall in love
There’s no mincing words. If you love the person, fall in love. Be there for them. Spend time with them. Trade quality time and resources for them. Yes, real love never thinks twice. If it’s bound to be, it will be. Just allow yourself to be in tune with the moment. Dance to the music, it may never fade if you keep enjoying the rhythm.

Shake off mistrust
Many relationships do not thrive because of mistrust. One partner becomes so nosy. There is always something bothering him/her. He or she keeps wondering if they are in the right commitment. True, we must be careful sometimes. However, as time goes on your partner senses the insecurity in your eyes and this paves way for cheating. Feel confident that you own your partner. Only raise alarm when there is enough proof. Do not base your doubts on mere speculations. Be true to yourself first.

Talk to each other
Communication is the bridge that seals the connection between the two of you. Chat about everything. Build confidence in each other by talking most of the time. Apart from close friends and relatives, your partner should be the one you can confide in. Talk about the good, bad, secrets, jokes, experiences and practically everything interesting. A good relationship thrives much on this factor. Love is a means of applying verbal and non verbal communication. When you learn to talk to each other, you are able to break the occurrence of secrecy and dishonesty in the relationship.

Study your partner
What are their likes and dislikes? What turns them on? What irritates them? Their favorite food, game, places. Every human being has their own characteristics which complete them. Find out these things and use them for the benefit of the relationship. Use their likes to impress them, and their dislikes should help you not offend them. Spice up your love for them with the things they love. For instance if he likes football, spend time together watching it with him. Studying your partner aims at helping you pass out as their best and overall choice.

Do not worry if these tips do not work out. Some people are just meant to let go of. Seek out for the best because that is what you deserve. Learn to easily let go and pave way for something original. A person who knows his or her worth tends to be happy most of the time. Love fully, and the same measure or even greater will come back to you. Forget the losers and heart breakers. Love is real when real recognises real. Keep loving.

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