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Tips On Going Global

Do you want to be a person with great presence worldwide? Or do you want to understand variety of cultural behaviours? It really isn’t a bad idea to want to have a sense of knowledge on diverse societies around the world. That is where the need for global awareness comes to play. You can not go global unless you connect with the rest of the world. Visit people and have a mindset of networking with other people from diverse cultures.

Personally, I do this by attending cross cultural events. Also, it is not enough to just visit such events. You have to be intentional about connecting with people in order to build stronger ties. Knowing who they are and where they come from gives you an added advantage of being their friends. It pays off especially when you have to visit different countries and need some tour of the place. Accommodation issues in these new countries are also resolved as you will get the needed assistance where necessary.

Reading on various cultures is another way you can go global. Read about people in the diaspora, read travel blogs, read food and fashion content from across continents. Also, read geography in order to locate various countries on the map (that is how extreme it can get, you know?). Be tech-savvy. Every global citizen knows this secret. Don’t be left out, learn all the basic and technical I.T. skills. Once you go global, it will come in handy due to distance barriers.

Watch a lot of online content especially on YouTube. There are channels that touch on some countries and what you can expect when you travel there. Learn a foreign language too, it’s always a plus. Learn Spanish, French, Chinese, and what have you, to give yourself the push you may need. Just work at it. Learn how to hold a conversation too. That’s is the peak of all the tips because effective communication is key in all aspects of life. To be heard or listened to is a skill which not everyone has. Master it.

Drop your suggestions and questions in the comments box. Have a happy global citizenship life!

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  1. Great piece Justica. Thanks for these useful tips.

    Enjoy the month to the fullest. Cheers!!!

  2. Thanks Felix. Happy new month.

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