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Tips For Staying Organised in 2017

The year has started with a boom. I am sure for most people, alot of activities have kickstarted for them already. As we all recognise the need for changes every new year, these new tips I discovered should help make your life more meaningful this year. These are not like the resolutions people lay out for themselves but they can be really helpful tips if followed.  

Clean Your Room

Your room should look different and colorful in this new year. It should resonate a new you. It will also spur you up for greater and better decisions. Make new arragements and add new accessories to make your room get the whole new feel that it deserves. White wash and paint with colors that inspire you. And be sure to keep it clean and orderd for most of the times. Thank me later. 

Get rid of junk

There may be some old things in the house that you would love to get rid of. Put away old clothes, shoes, furniture and clutters that you are no longer in need of. This will help you learn the lesson of getting rid of old and negative habits that you find difficult doing away with. Keep these old stuff in the store room or distribute them out to the less privileged. 

Start something new

Doing something new shakes you. For instance,  I recently started driving lessons and ended up crashing the car into a wall. Ouch! But that’s the essence of starting something new. It will hurt and scare you to death. All you will need to do to achieve your aim is determination and persistence. Go launch yourself out there and do all the amazing stuff that you have always sought to achieve. Just be brave. 

Save for a project or travel

Saving money aside for a particular project gives you focus. You get to concentrate more efforts towards keeping  most of your money aside. Save enough to go on alot more travels outside your current location. Start a new charity project or event or social enterprise from your savings. You will feel alot more fulfilled knowing that you are using most of your own resources to fund the things you love to do than to go for loans and support from elsewhere. 

Make and stick to goals

Need I say more? Set goals for yourself and make sure you achieve them. Refuse to sit on the fence this year. Go out there and be more for yourself. Be great and achieve greatness by doing the exact things you have set for yourself. 

I believe these tips are as helpful as you expected. Do not hesitate to share how you have set out to make this year one of your most organised years in the comment box or via any of my social media pages. Have a happy life. 

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