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Questions To Avoid Asking a Single Person

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Questions To Avoid Asking a Single Person

Time and time again I get surprised by the audacity some people have with the kind of questions they ask people who are facing some challenges in life, especially with relationships. When you are single, people just assume you are not okay and so they must act as some kind of therapists to help you out of your misery. It may sound funny the way I put it but that’s just how I see things. Today, I want to tackle this issue by showing you the right etiquettes in your interactions with single people.

Sexual Urges

By now you know that emotional intelligence supersedes intelligence quotient when it comes to social behavior. Well, if you didn’t know, now you do. Kindly stop asking people about their sexuality by saying things like, “What do you do when you have sexual urges?” In any case, what are you willing to do with the information that you gain from asking such a question? Just don’t go there.

The problem

Everyone is going through something. No one is really a saint. Before you go sanctimonious on people, do a self check first to see if you are hundred per cent okay yourself. Oftentimes this question keeps popping up and sometimes I feel sorry for people who are asked that particular question. People can wholeheartedly ask that, “Have you checked to see if perhaps you are the problem?” Honestly if anyone asks me this, my reply would be, “No I haven’t, can you help me check?”


People actually have timelines for people and I wonder if they have actually stopped to check their own time limits. You hear them say, “Will you ever settle?” As if it is everybody’s dream to settle down with one person for the rest of their lives. Before you ask such a question, ask them whether they are happy or not. And show them how you can help them become happier. Perhaps you will finally know what truly makes them happy and I’m quite sure settling down would not be one of them.


This is the most offensive question to ever ask anybody. They may be going through health complications and you would not even know. But what do you care? Your insensitivity will only push good people away from you because they will be wondering how come you are able to ask a question like, “When do you intend to have a child?” It is 2022, know these etiquettes and save yourself the embarrassment.

Did I hear you say “Thank you”? Good. You’re most welcome.

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