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The Four Different Types Of Influencers Your Business Needs

February 22, 2022
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February 25, 2022
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The Four Different Types Of Influencers Your Business Needs

Need help with your influencer marketing?There are typically several top influencers on the internet. The four most frequent influencer types, as well as the number of followers they have, are provided below.

Nano Influencers: <1K to 10K

The average age of a Nano influencer’s fan base is 25 years old. A typical follower to have on Instagram has an interaction rate of 7 times greater than that of influencers with millions or hundreds of thousands of followers. It’s also simpler to detect fake activity when there are fewer followers involved.

Employ micro-influencers to reach super-targeted audiences, humanize your brand, or operate under a tight budget. Be patient with them as they may be inexperienced working with businesses and brands.

Micro-Influencers: 10K to 100K

Micro-influencers have a large number of followers and also spend a significant amount of time interacting with them. These sorts of social media influencers typically focus on one subject or area.

Look for micro-influencers if you want to target a small yet targeted audience. They haven’t achieved a big following yet, so there’s a lot of personal contact. Plus, they’re frequently engaged with brands similar to yours.

Macro Influencers: 100K to 1M

Macro influencers are frequently content producers in some manner. Podcasts, YouTube, food blogs, and minor celebrities all have their reasons for having a large following. (Which may also be boosted by phony accounts or bots.)

These influencers are most effective when you have a large budget. Choose carefully based on who is the most representative of your business.

Mega Influencers: >1M

The internet is in the hands of a select few. Traditional celebrities or public figures can be included in this category. Fake followers may be found on many mega influencers’ accounts (to make the profiles appear genuine, of course). Their follower base ranges from all walks of life.

Use large influencers only if you have a lot of cash and need a high-visibility campaign.

Source: BlakSheep Creative

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