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The Eminence Awards Is The Most Useful Event On The SRC Calender

  • The Writer, Kwasi Nimo Jnr

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”- Vince Lombardi 

I have been closely following the conversation about the credibility of the GIJ Eminence Awards. I have carefully listened to the various arguments. Honestly, I cannot judge any view as right or wrong, because opinions are the prerogative of the holder. But I can confidently determine if an opinion is productive or disruptive. 

The fact is, to me, the GIJ Eminence Awards is the most useful event on the SRC calendar. It is the single event that opens up an opportunity for every single member of this institute to gain recognition for the good work they have done. If for nothing at all, nominated students get free adverts that propel their brands far beyond the confines of GIJ.
Beyond the invaluable brand propulsion, it is obvious how much meaning students ascribe to winning categories. A cursory look at the reactions of the winners was a powerful indication of the worth of the scheme and its ability to inspire students.

Nevertheless as I belaud the worth of the awards scheme, I must admit that there are genuine structural flaws in the selection of the nominees and the determination of the winners. A more structured nomination process and an especially rigorous jury assessment would greatly boost the credibility of the scheme.
But blemishes and systemic flaws are only natural. The only way we can rid off them is to acknowledge them, thoroughly assess them and build solutions to abate their negativity. 

A flawed diamond is worth more than a perfect pebble.

 It is absolutely wrong to downplay the importance or belittle the value of the Eminence Awards simply because of a few structural issues. The idea is a noble one. Hence we must help the organisers to make it bigger and better. 

With active SRC Executive Committee inclusion, we can create more relevant prizes for the winners of the awards. We can use this scheme to highlight and groom our finest products. We can use this scheme to help promising students build professional brands that may well set off their careers. The prospects are unending.
I am glad that Senior Statesmen like Desmond Lamptey, Noel Nutsugah, Benjamin Alpha, Elorm Mawuli Kwawu and Mamavi Goh have all recognised the huge potential of this event. The awards is an event I genuinely believe in and I will avail myself to any conversation that will help it become better. 

Great things take time to achieve. So let us all come on board and build the GIJ Eminence Awards into the glorious scheme it can become.

The Eminence Awards is for GIJ. Let’s support it and make it Great! Because GIJ deserves Greatness! 

Long Live the Eminence Awards! 
Long Live GIJ

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