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Tea Thoughts (10): Wrapping Things Up

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This is going to be my last article on the Tea Thoughts series and I’m super excited about it. This post should have originally been updated on the 31st of January but it has been back dated due to unforeseen circumstances. Anyway, we made it to the end and so as promised on my Facebook page, I’m uploading this before 12 midnight to make up for all the lost times. January has indeed been a good month. As we’re being ushered into the month of love, I’m just going to highlight some events to wrap up the month of January.

What’s a girl got to do?

For starters, I must admit that deciding to do this series came as a result of wanting to hold myself accountable for being inconsistent as a writer. But then again, money can sometimes sway you off your real passion (in my case blogging). Ofcourse, money is sometimes what distracts me from blogging. This happens when I need to attend to other gigs in order to make some cash for myself. And so yes, I’m may be keen on consistency but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do, right?

Showing up

Again, despite all odds we show up and be there for others. I’d like to say, getting 10 episodes of Tea Thoughts up on my blog has been a real struggle. Having to juggle work and blogging really has been a tough one. But the intention has always been to show up and to do the magic of keeping you all updated and in anticipation for my next post. And so one of my highlights will be showing up and doing the work.

Doing the work

You don’t only show up, you do the real work wherever you find yourself. If there’s one thing blogging has thought me, it is to do the research, listen more attentively, and to put up meaningful stories that resonate with your readers. Whatever be the case, you always have to show up, do the work, and while at it, you have to come prepared. Preparation, they say, always meets opportunities. And talk of opportunities , I have really had many of them.

Sticking to goals

I bet you have set some goals for the new year. Indeed, I have also set some SMART goals as well, one of which is to connect more with my audience. If you see me out here more often this year, know that I am sticking to my goals. Do not ever lose focus or veer off from your plans, my dear friend. Always stick to them.

Repeat and Innovate

The only way to stay winning is to have a routine and to keep being creative. Having a routine means repeating certain cycles, which may be important to your personal growth. However, be sure to find creative ways to keep your ideas fresh and exciting. You do not want to become boring by sticking to a particular style of doing things. And that is what I have been trying to do with Tea Thoughts. Thanks to January for all the transient stories that gave us ideas on what to write about. May we keep being creative and innovative.

To learn more tips on how to stay on top of your game, kindly stick with me here. Subscribe to get a notification whenever I post a new blog and let’s be lifelong friends. I’ll be looking out for suggestions on what new topics to write about in the comments section below. Until then, have a lovely new month!

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