Tea thoughts (1): Cheddar Be Doing the Most, Gifted Wife With New Land Cruisers - Justica Anima

Tea thoughts (1): Cheddar Be Doing the Most, Gifted Wife With New Land Cruisers

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Tea thoughts (1): Cheddar Be Doing the Most, Gifted Wife With New Land Cruisers

Hello, this is the first of a series I am beginning for the month of January 2022 and I will like to crave your indulgence. This series of write ups is going to focus on trending stories and what my thoughts are about them (plus discussions I’ve had with people concerning the subject matter). I have to add that this series was inspired by my early morning and late night tea times, so whoever reads them get to share some imaginary ‘tea’ with me as we stimulate ideas for personal, family and societal growth.

And so on to today’s episode of Tea thoughts:

Okay, you all already know that I’m more into conversational style of writing so let’s have a conversation. Okay, so the latest gist is that Cheddar whose real name is Nana Kwame Bediako, and is also known as Freedom Jacob Caesar has gifted his lovely wife two latest models of Land Cruisers and we are all for the hype. Two oh! Two brand new cars.

Chairman be doing the most…

The realtor and business mogul surely knows how to make a statement. And indeed, he has made a bold one at that. He went ahead to grant interviews on how best to spoil and surprise your woman, and tell you what? We are all for the lovey dovey gesture any day. Ofcourse, you know who I am referring to by saying we right? Women. Indeed women love surprises!

Anyways, so I was having a conversation with some friends and the guys felt a bit pressured about the whole thing saying it’s not really worth it and that it’s not the only way to prove love for someone. But one of them asked a very good question which struck me. He said, “Are most women worth gifting those cars, are they supportive and loyal enough?”.

My thoughts

You see, Cheddar giving those cars as a show of his love to his woman was according to his currency. He makes enough money to want to splash that amount of money on the new edition of Land Cruisers. Besides, he understands that surprising his woman in that regard will go a long way to build a much stronger bond between them.

Women love surprises and he got her with that. You see, the thing is this wasn’t the first time the couple have been on the news regarding Cheddar gifting his wife with such luxury. It’s his nature to do these things for his woman. And to answer my friend’s question, I believe she is worth spending such an amount of money on. Cheddar must be proud of her impact in his life.

Am I making sense?

Inhales and sips some tea…

I’m just leaving this post here to throw a challenge to my lovely readers. Just maybe gifting your partner the most tiniest of presents is the sure way to cement your love for each other. But overall, this is social media. Do not be fooled by these things and don’t go break up with your man or woman because they did not buy you a car or an iPhone. Lately, people see these things and call their partners to cry and ask when they will also show same gesture towards them. Do not let that be you.

I will like to here your thoughts on this too. Do you think spending such huge amount on someone is worth it? What if they break up with you in the end? Should women be spoiled in such manner to prove love for them? Let’s get talking and while at it, remember to sip some tea too. Much love and hugs xoxoxo.

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