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March 24, 2021
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March 29, 2021
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Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes. -Maggie Kuhn

A lot has been happening lately. Activism, advocacy, chaos, brouhaha, all mixed up together in a series of events across the nation. I’ve been laying low in my crib and questioning a lot of things which we have come to accept as ‘normal’ and to me, we are gradually losing it as a people.

I reckon that we are in a new era and so social media and new digital tools have made it easy for people to freely speak their minds about a lot of things.

Sometimes, due to social conditioning, we tend to accept certain things as our truth based on our individual backgrounds, and that’s okay.

So in speaking our minds, we may tend to think we may be speaking the truth. Truth, however, is usually one of the most hardest pills to swallow.

It is easy to follow the bandwagon and agree to a lot of things that we have come to believe is ‘the truth’. However, deep down within ourselves, we know that those things which we speak freely about may not necessarily be our truth, but that of other people around us.

You see, like the famous quote goes, “there are three sides to every story- yours, mine and the truth.”

Whenever we begin to contemplate on which side of the coin we want to take, one may not necessarily own their voice but may amplify the voice of those around them. So here’s a little form of advice; well not really an advice but take this from me.

In speaking your truth, be sure you’re not jumping into hasty conclusions. Try to listen to both sides and form a judgment based on what is right. It is easy to speak other people’s truth for the applause and for fear of rejection. Don’t let that be you.

Yes, we all like to break some rules once in a while; and that has its place too. But truth, they say, is one. It just pricks our conscience, no matter how further we may want to push it away. Think about it.

Too much sense for this road. Please, allow me to park abeg. Sense will not leave me in peace. Ok Bye!


  1. Enoch Anti says:

    Succinct and to the point. Well written. Truly, social media has given everyone a voice. And we must indeed be careful in not jumping to hast conclusion in speaking our truth.

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