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Spaghetti in Togo

Travel, to me, is a form of writing memories in the mind. My plan is to travel to as many countries as I can and that’s why I believe I need to start with my country Ghana, then I can move on to my continent Africa.

Having deep conversations move me. As such, I had one of those conversations with a Francophone friend of mine. He asked whether I had ever been to any of the the neighboring countries. I responded the negative and he urged me to do so even with a very little budget. And guess what? Fast forward, a month after our conversation, I did.

With a little budget I decided to do a trip to Togo to learn, network and form strong alliances. I met Johnson and Pierro in the process. And oh! I met Auntie Juli at the border who was very helpful to me. Pierro was my tour guide as he understood both English and French. We commuted through the town on a motorbike (which was not a new thing to me because I do that a lot in Accra). The main form of transportation in Togo is the motorbike, and unlike Ghana, many women owned and rode one. That is courageous, isn’t it? Diversity in culture at play.

Pierro and I on a motorbike ride

In Ghana, a lady riding on a motorbike seems awkward, especially if she is dressed corporately or dressed for an occasion. Togo is different. Women dressed in corporate wear and traditional wax prints confidently rode on their motorbikes with their makeup and lipstick intact.

Then there was this little eatery that Pierro took me to. I wanted to eat noodles with fried eggs. I was told I could rather get spaghetti with egg and vegetables. I beckoned them to bring it. I had the meal of my life that day. It was delicious and almost tasted like the noodles (indomie) I ate back in Accra. There was a lot of pepper just the way I like it. There was chopped meat in there too. It was good to know Togolese like spicy meal unlike the East African countries like Rwanda. I liked the spaghetti. I really did. Or maybe I like food.

The Togolese Spaghetti and fried egg

I am going back there soon. This time it will be for business purposes and to get my friends some wigs since it’s cheaper there. And also, I’d be there to meet with a few people to discuss issues concerning the continent and how to make life better for young Africans.

By the way, the stories about poor treatment from the Immigration officers at the border scared me and almost robbed me of not embarking on my trip to Togo, Lomé. Fortunately, I defied the odds and went. For me, the experience with these officers was different from what I had heard about. That’s a clear signal of facing your fears right? You never know what lies in wait for you at the other side of fear.

Hope this inspires you to travel. Feel free to share your travel experiences with me in the comment box. Happy traveling!

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