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Simple Forms of Therapy You Can Try For Free

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All I’m interested in lately is love, laughter, good health, growth and becoming an all round radiant soul. —Anonymous

To be able to grow, you have to discover what brings you peace. Becoming a person of high values and standards requires self love and this can only be achieved when you have healed yourself completely from past trauma. If you happened to have undergone therapy with a professional just to get by, this article is for you. Here are simple self care methods that does not require any booking sessions.

Group chat

Having a group chat with weird friends is a great form of therapy that you might want to indulge in. It’s better to be in the midst of people who will not misjudge you for who you are than to be amongst people that you have to pretend to be around.

I love you

I have always believed that the quickest and most powerful way for people to significantly enhance their self esteem and become a more loving person is by loving themselves first. Telling yourself a “I love you” everyday is a simple form of therapy to help you heal and boost your self love.

Long walks

You literally need to walk the talk. Waking up early and going for walks heals your mind and connects you with the universe during the early hours of the day. On the other hand, you can try taking the long route home after work. Going for long walks is a form of therapy that most people underestimate.

Favorite song

Listening to your favorite song on replay is another art of therapy. This is in itself one of the truest form of self care anyone can indulge in. Soothing music, for instance, relaxes your mood and gives you happiness feelings especially when the lyrics are just the right words for you at the moment.


Singing out lyrics of songs you are accustomed to is so much more therapeutic than you can imagine. Try singing in the shower to release stress and anxiety. This will give you some calming effect and peace of mind away from all the cares of life. Try it!

In the end, you’re going to feel relaxed and care free after practicing the above mentioned methods. Add these simple tips to your routine and practice them any day, anywhere and at your own convenience.

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