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Signs You’re Emotionally UnAvailable

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Signs You’re Emotionally UnAvailable

Relationships are hard and even much more harder for emotionally unavailable people. Being emotionally unavailable stems from past experiences or childhood trauma which leaves people feeling the need for isolation and being alone. Emotionally unavailable people usually do not respond on an emotional level although their partners may be giving out all the love and care.

Here are some signs you or someone you know may be emotionally unavailable:

You fear losing your independence:

You’re proud of your independence and believe you do not need a relationship to function

You cut people off without hesitation

Instead of trying to work through conflict, you instantly cut people off. You find trusting others challenging so you get defensive when someone faces you with relationship problems.

You avoid labels

Words like relationship mean commitment and emotional investment and that is something you try to avoid.

Emotional intimacy freaks you out

Your fear of vulnerability makes you feel like you are self sufficient. Try to take things slow from the beginning and ease into deeper connections later.

You’re attracted to people just like you

Fellow emotionally unavailable people are the safest option. You’re way less likely to create a strong connection.

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