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Shemimah Dapilaa Speaks On Ghana’s 60th Anniversary And Women Impact

 Congratulations to Ghana on its 60th Birthday. It has been a long and interesting ride so far. Our leaders, citizens, and impact players have all made this journey worthwhile. However, we cannot overlook how many wrong things we still hold sight of in the 60 year old nation that we find ourselves in. One of those many wrongs is “Women Inclusion”. 

More and more women are still sidelined, victimised, and run down alongside their dreams and goals in Ghana even at age 60, which I believe should cease being the case. Going forward, more women, especially the younger ones should be educated on the need to make more impact in our society. 

         Shemimah Dapilaa 

Kudos to some women trail blazers who have still defied all odds in such a stiff necked society  (towards women) as ours; some of them include Justice Theodora Woode, Ama Ataa Aidoo, Hon. Hannah Tetteh, Hon. Nana Oye Lithur, Hon. Dzifa Gomashie,Madam Joyce Aryee, Adwoa Safo Katanka, Gifty Anti, Farida Bedwei, Lucy Quist, Nana Aba Anamoah, Esinam Seade(University of Ghana SRC President), and the many other women who have broken the rules to become icons of this nation. 

To the young women experiencing Ghana’s 60th celebration, my advice is that let us be of good values and qualities so that we can be more useful in our society. By age 60, we must be able to have attained a more honourable position in society and be people who cannot be ignored or pushed to the background because we are women.
Compiled By: Justica Anima 

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