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Sex For Money- The Case of University Students

I have always wondered the reason why students in most of our prestigious institutions resort to selling themselves for money while in school. A number of reasons came up which are not justifiable anyway. As a female student, I must confess that keeping up and staying ahead of the competition is one of the huge challenges students face. You will need to look your best and make sure you have all the current devices which will make your stay on campus less stressful. The most frustrating truth is that most University students are the most broke and cashless, only depending on their parents and guardians for support. 

Matters Arising

A most recent event on my campus really got me worried. It was about a young lady who had bought a bottle of beer and an egg just to invoke curses on her phone thief. Apparently,  she had lost her Iphone while she was in the exams hall writing a paper. The thief got access to her bag which was exposed outside of the exams hall, and effortlessly did away with her brand new phone. The frustrated young woman stood boldly on the corridors on campus and cursed the thief. This remark from the young girl really became the talk of campus that whole week. Seriously?  She was not even shy? Well, her frustrations were a bit understandable. It’s not an easy task you know? (laughs… don’t ask me what is not easy) 

Support System

Exchanging sex for money and other gains like phones, laptops, and cars  has become something of normancy in our institutions and it is not even getting funny anymore. And considering the age groups of females,  and even males,  currently trooping into our universities these days, this really calls for alarm. 
Parents should look to be more loving and supportive of their females. The reason I say so is that this act begins when the girl-child starts to feel in need of love and support. A good example is when the young woman starts to enter into a romantic  relationship for the wrong reasons. Once they get acquainted with the whole act of engaging in sex and getting love and gifts in return, graduating to the next level becomes an easy thing to do. This is why it is easy to find many cheating girlfriends these days,  especially on campus. 

Sugar daddy/mommy

Then emerges the sugar-daddy phenomenon. I must say that alot of the older men are doing the young women more harm than good. Fathers of other young women will not just keep their libidos in their matrimonial homes but will seek satisfaction from innocent single young women. And the promises and expenses they shower on these young women is outrageous. They are all around us and even on our campuses. Lecturers have taken the new role as boyfriends to female students and keep promising them out-of-world experiences which most fall prey to. 

Most of these girls also fall victim to peer pressure. The pressure from friends and colleagues on campus is absurd. You are being pressured day in and out to join sex groups, friend zones, sugar daddy affiliations, and all just to prove that you too have arrived. The phenomenon is even worst in our hostels as compared to those who stay outside of campus. Now let me do a little diversion…

It will surprise you to know that there is a new society of sex workers emerging… and this involves guys. Yes, strong abled young men. The homosexual society now recruits young men from campuses to offer themselves to older men in exchange for all the aforementioned promises. Some also do the sugar-mommy thing by satisfying the sexual interests of older and matured women. 

What next? 

So what is the way forward?  Hardwork. Hardwork. And more hardwork, people! Seriously, lets teach young people to dirty their hands instead of their whole bodies just to survive. While in the University, you are matured enough to get yourself gainfully employed doing waiting, secretarial, or even sales jobs. Alot of students are into paid jobs which help them support themselves in schools while others run small scale businesses for themselves. On the other hand, you should learn to be content with the little  support from your family  and friends. 

 Do not by any means think that laying low and doing all those acts that seem ‘effortless’ is the way to get ahead. Elderly men should also respect themselves enough to chase women their age or else keep their zips intact. 

If you must have sex or engage in a romantic relationship of any sort, it must be because you want to and not because you are forced to by any circumstances. We must learn to take pride  in ourselves and get rid of the things which may haunt us in the future hereafter. Why don’t you show some love and support for friends who need advice, help, and guidance by sharing job classifieds and words of comfort with them. It is a more honorable thing to do than to introduce them to older or rich people who will end up jeopardizing their future.

There is a story of this young lady who was a call-girl for most hotels and who also coupled as a University student. After one of her escapades with her hotel clients, they finally turned on the lights  which had been off all the while they were making love, only to realise that she had been in bed with her own father, and father with his daughter. Don’t let this be your story or that of a friend. 
Share this story now. Let it reach someone today.  How have you survived campus life without getting into such a mess? Share with us in the comment box. 

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  1. This is so beautiful and insightful. The sky is only your starting point.
    Pointers Well illustrated and engaging. Cant wait for thé next chronicle of campus life.

  2. Point well made. You’re on top of issues and I pray this article goes far. Great work done… Kudos!

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys.

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