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SETTING THE PRIORITIES RIGHT- A Step Towards Nation Building

It is important to note that in every nation, there are targets or goals that drive it’s leaders and citizens towards development. This is one factor that even individuals dwell on for personal development. A nation like Ghana is a thriving developing country in the West African diaspora. In the past few years, she has struggled in battling it’s economy to attain the right grounds for national growth.

Tourist sites
Let’s face it, our tourist sites can set the pace in boosting our sinking economy. How? In my opinion, government should post young graduates at some of the important tourist sites as part of their national service. Aburi gardens, Boti falls, Elmina Castle, Paga crocodile pond, and the likes are potential income generators. Government should focus all its human and capital resources on developing these places. In turn, revenue collected in these areas can turn our nation around. It is of no wonder that the white man sees a lot of gold on our land, contrary to what the black man sees. I also believe that there is a huge foreign exchange which can also improve the standard of living of the people. Monies derived here can go into development of roads, schools, hospitals and other major facilities in the areas where they are located.

A quick question. What do students go to read agricultural related courses in school for? I suppose your mind is filled with a lot of questions by now. Well, so is mine. These students can for instance be given a vast land where every agricultural student can go and practise on before and after school (precisely national service). Come to think of it, are farmers in Ghana given the needed support and attention at all? It is normal to hear about government tackling one project or the other. When it comes to agriculture and farming, I must say the nation is gradually failing. The extent to which we import foreign foods into the country is rather worrying. Our own local products are been traded for other “insignificant” goods. These goods are relatively the cause of the many diseases like obesity, diabetes, food poisoning, in our country. What happened to consuming our own local fish, rice, pawpaw, yam, pepper and what have you? Government should channel more resources into training and equipping farmers with skills, tools, machines and agricultural materials, which will contribute to the growth of quality farm produce. Road networks in farming areas can also be properly constructed to serve as proper channels for the sale and distribution of farm products into other regions. This will be a great step towards boosting foreign exchange and income in the country. It will also reduce excessive import, create job avenues, and provide healthy food for the people.

Empowering labour force
Another great step towards making a U-turn in the current economic state is by mentorship, training, and sponsorship of great minds and inventions of the people. The human capital of every country adds up to the other factors of production to make a headstart in any form of production. Yearly, students and other stakeholders initiate innovative projects, which if properly supervised and sponsored could have made a wave for the nation. It is easy for the “big men” to sponsor pageantry rather than life changing projects and inventions. One person making the lead in technological innovation is Dr. Kwadwo Safo Katanka. This man, I must say, has started something great and we must embrace it with all our might before it slips off our hands. How refreshing is it to know that Ghanaians drive in their own car model without having to import from somewhere? A lot of Ghanaian dreams are dying because of lack of support from the right sources. This I must say should be properly looked at. The skilled people should be given the needed platforms to unearth what is in them. This will go a long way to generate likewise great minds from all walks to patronize their skills and expertise. Enough of employing unprofessionals into tackling serious businesses. The right people when given the right training and empowerment can help save the nation by attracting the needed investors.

To all the impact players in all the various industries in Ghana, I say keep on. We need a corruption free nation. We need dedicated nation shakers and movers. We need a healthy and developing Ghana.

Signed : @switsixta_stica

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