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Setting Positive Role Models for Young People- A Tool for Nation Building

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October 27, 2021
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Setting Positive Role Models for Young People- A Tool for Nation Building

The recent happenings around unemployment and misguided youth is as a result of not having positive role models for these young ones. Young people, when asked some of their challenges, have mentioned that they have no one to mentor and guide them towards the right career and life choices as a whole.

There have also been instances where these people young people look up to have abused these young ones and shattered all hopes they can have in the older generation. Although we have to pay enough attention to the youth as much as we pay attention to other aspects of the economy, we must be sure to have good mentors who can see them through. This is because the youth make up the active population that can drive positive impact in the society.


Recently I had the opportunity to talk to a “senior person”, someone far older than me and who was doing great things in the agriculture sector. He wanted to organize a project to link role models to young people across senior high school in Ghana. I thought it was a brilliant idea. Unfortunately, corona virus came at the time he had all this planned. Although schools have opened, the challenge of finding time to visit the schools have been disrupted by bureaucracy by the authorities.

Skills guidance

The truth is that nobody can really train young people to be their best selves if they do not feel motivated to be their best selves.

Today’s unemployment challenges are as a result of young people not given the requisite skills and guidance for career and personal development. Tomorrow’s future depends on a skilled and focused youth who are willing to invest their time and skills into productive work. This can only be achieved when role models invest time into transferring their knowledge unto the younger generation.

Notable organizations

Springboard and GhanaThink foundation among others, are two of my favorite organizations who have consistently mentored young Ghanaians to volunteer time and efforts into building their nation. Such organizations and individuals devoted to mentoring young people should be highly commended.

More solutions

There are a few community based hubs which are also giving young people access to mentors, skills training, as well as, access to facilities that equip these youth employable skills the job market. A few of these hubs that come to mind are iCode Gh-Takoradi, Soronko Academy-Accra, Accra Digital Center, Impact Hub-Accra, iSpace-Spintex, and Honode-Ho. Such spaces give young people access to skilled role models who share their know how for career advancements.

I will also commend schools at all levels; basic, secondary, tertiary, for their immense contributions of allowing teachers (super role models) to churn out top notch intellectuals and professionals who contribute their quota to society.

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