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Send Your Man To Buy You Stuff And Watch Your Phone Blow Up Amidst Other Blunders

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Send Your Man To Buy You Stuff And Watch Your Phone Blow Up Amidst Other Blunders

Romantic relationships never have to be boring especially if you two help each other on various levels. Men like to help their women do the grocery shopping and run other little errands especially when the woman is busy with other stuff or incapacitated. This week I was going through Twitter and saw this thread which I found very amusing.

A lady with the handle @shyTALKactive, tweeted: Send a man to buy stuff and stay by your phone cause they will blow it up, “there’s no big one o, should I buy the small one?”, “check I sent a picture, is it the one?”… It’s endless

Below is what I deduced from the post and I’m sharing it with you lovely readers because, who else cannot relate? So here we go…

Calling your phone several times

There is the tendency that he’s going to blow up your phone and ask about prices and difference in products and you don’t want to miss any of his calls because he may be stuck at the other end. Guys can sometimes be clueless about which product to buy and at what cost even if he has a price list. For instance one tweep read, “I remembered when one girl sent me to the market, didn’t understand what I’m to get. Called and she didn’t pick up and I bought everything wrongly and the ones I didn’t see or remember, I didn’t buy.”

Buying the fake stuff

If your woman ever thanked you for the gesture of getting her some things and she kept them away, never using those items, just know you did not get the right stuff. Men should pay a little more attention when going on such errands for their women. One gentleman tweeted saying, “how am I going to spot the difference between fake ‘extract’ soap and the original if I don’t call on video.” In my head, this man must really have an understanding girlfriend. But hey, the truth is that most men really can’t tell the difference.

Buying things at exorbitant prices

This is how you will send your guy on errands and he will exceed the said budget for the purchased items. Let’s face reality, most men can’t bargain for prices and all the do is buy an item at the exact amount the seller mentions at first asking price. And because a man doesn’t want to disappoint his woman, he buys the items anyway only to get home to some roasting from their woman. Who wouldn’t be angry when you have used up so much money for something which could have cost less?

So guys, incase you didn’t know these things irks your woman, there you have it. Women may not tell you but please turn on a new leaf and follow the price list. If you’re not sure, perhaps you need to take pictures of the boxes or copies of the items you need to get, if there is a spare. Otherwise, you can ask a fellow woman at the shop, supermarket or the market square where you’re getting the items before you decide to blow up our phones. LOL. All the best guys!

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