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Self-care Tips: How to Properly Indulge Yourself

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Self-care Tips: How to Properly Indulge Yourself

Self-care is looking after your own mental and emotional health without any malice or intention to hurt anyone. It involves looking after yourself so you can give better to others. If your cup is empty, you have nothing to give to others. The rule of Self-care is to give to yourself, everything you want from someone else.

Compliment Yourself

Proclaim positive affirmations to yourself. You do not only need the compliments coming from other people. Try to compliment yourself as much as you compliment others. Self care is not always about spa day or relaxation. Sometimes, pamper yourself by saying to yourself words like, You’re beautiful, You’re rich, You’re powerful, and I love you. Love yourself first, because that will determine what and who you attract into your life.

Personal space

When you next feel demotivated or stressed, do something from your “things that bring me joy” list. Give yourself some space first, then engage in activities that you love– this could be exercise, music, playing a game, reading, being in nature, watching a movie, writing, eating clean

Time off

In the journey of Life, there will always be ups and downs. I’ve always found that life is about balance. You can have days, weeks or even months when things are going well and you feel on top of it all. And then, suddenly, things take a turn and you’re stagnant. You feel like you’re not moving forward, the goals you set aren’t being achieved and you need to get your mojo back. You need some time off to reset and to find yourself again.

Once you’ve taken care of your needs, you’ll feel ready to get back on track. Remember, every time you come across resistance from yourself or others, stay present, identify your needs, and give to yourself. I’ll like to know some tips on how you engage in self care in the comment section below. Go give yourself some love.

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