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Salon Wahala: What Most Women Experience

So your hair is messed up and you need a little fix up, wash through and hair-do right? Your next point of call is the hair salon: a place where you can get your hair made, meet other women, perhaps gossip or be that silent listener. Every woman has their own salon experience. Imagine how boring a salon will be if there wasn’t a bit of every female personality in there. There is always the initiator, the seconder, the defendant, the contributor, and the silent listener. Oh yes! You can relate right?
Now, the initiator here is the one who introduces the topic for discussion. This person brings on board issues concerning various topics on relationship, business, marriage, money, politics, and what have you. Her conversion mostly begins like this, “Off late, if you are a woman and you don’t look good, another woman will do so and snatch your husband or boyfriend from you oh my sister.”

The seconder is always in agreement with the initiator and she may respond in this manner, “Eiii sister! It’s very true oo, a friend of mine is facing that problem in her relationship. I tell you, it’s very frustrating ooo.” At this moment, the defendant quickly interrupts and goes like, “My sisters that is not always the case. If your man loves you, no one can take him from you. If you look good and you don’t treat him well in other areas, won’t he still leave you?” The defendant now opens room for further debate and counter opinions from the contributors. Every person tells their story or bring their views on board.

The discussion becomes more and more interesting and educative.
All this while, there will be one or more persons who will never say anything but will listen with close attention; and perhaps give a nod in agreement or just smile at some remarks. Women are natural talkers and so when they meet, they easily bond and share extensive ideas on issues. Some build contacts and friendships in the salon. Others come to stir up fights with their rivals, or in other instances their husband or boyfriend snatchers.
One of such incident unfolded at a salon I once visited in town. The wife in question sent an apprentice to call her husband snatcher(h.s for short) to meet her outside. As soon  as the h.s came outside, she received two heavy slaps before any explanation. This resulted in a fight. As they were being separated, the wife now hurled insults on her h.s. “Folish woman, go get yours and stop chasing after people’s husbands. May God punish you because you are the reason my husband no more pays attention to his family.” Instead of the h.s
keeping mute she replied, “Aboaa! If you were able to satisfy the needs of your man, will he come to me?”

This and many other saddening incidents happen at the salon. I know you have more running through your mind right now. I am happy to have refreshed your memory. Some women also find themselves in trouble after gossiping about someone at the salon. Sometimes you never know the next person seated near you. And while you happily let out all that is in your heart, it is advisable to keep it safe from future troubles. So whichever person you are on the afore mentioned list, make sure your silence or contributions is void of gossip, slander, or personal secrets. Let’s have fun at the salon but be careful while at it. Do you have a memorable salon experience? Do share or comment below.

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