Remember Mbebo Nonna From 2020 NSMQ? See What The Wizkid Is Up To - Justica Anima

Remember Mbebo Nonna From 2020 NSMQ? See What The Wizkid Is Up To

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Remember Mbebo Nonna From 2020 NSMQ? See What The Wizkid Is Up To

Mbebo Nonna, known best in the NSMQ community as ‘Super-Sub’, is a graduate from Adisadel College who displayed his excellent academic prowess during the 2020 edition of NSMQ.

Mbebo, the Santaclausian Magician, hopped onto the quiz stage at the last minute and pushed Adisadel College to a glorious second place at the 2020 final contest closing the wide gap and impressing the entire country with his sharp wit and academic prowess?

Mbebo is currently preparing for the next stage of his academic career, having performed with distinction in the WASSCE and scoring in the top 1% of all SAT test takers in the world. His remarkable efforts have been awarded with an admission offer to study at New York University Abu Dhabi with a full scholarship.

He plans to study Computer Science and Computer Engineering with the sole aim of helping bridge the opportunity gap in technology in Ghana and Africa.

With a world class education, Mbebo is looking to help build Africa’s first Tech hub, modelled after Silicon Valley, the United States’ Center for Innovative Technology Companies. “The obvious lack of tech hubs on the continent is deeply discouraging for technological innovation”, Mbebo explains.

According to him, “With the absence of a community of highly motivated ‘techies’ committed to innovating for practical solutions, the growing number of tech enthusiasts in Ghana and Africa are bound to give up on their journey because they do not have a community rich with support, resources and financial backing.”

Mbebo is working hard, and has already begun collaborating with a few of his friends to bring Africa’s first tech hub, “The Gold Valley” into existence.


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