Relationship Talks: Tips to Knowing That She’s Not That Much Into You - Justica Anima

Relationship Talks: Tips to Knowing That She’s Not That Much Into You

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Relationship Talks: Tips to Knowing That She’s Not That Much Into You

Perhaps you’re wondering why she’s not picking up your calls or making an effort to make things work between you two. Well, worry no more. These are a few tricks ladies use which may confirm why she has been distant from you lately. I have compiled these tips from conversations and chit chats with the girlies. And tell you what? I may be snitching on my sisters, but I equally want to help my brothers. I hear people say men and women love differently and so you can never tell whether a woman’s behavior is out of love or dislike. But these tips should give you enough clues as to whether she’s into you or not.

Irregular calls

If she’s not thinking about you to call or message you regularly , you already lost her. See, women are more tailored towards nurturing and caring for the ones they love, and calling regularly is a sign of their emotional direction. If she does not think about you often to want to talk to you, then you’re on a slippery slope.

Distant relationships

Distance can be well defined in this context as not seeing each other often. This doesn’t mean you have to meet face-to-face. With the advent of social media and various communication tools, seeing your other half regularly does not have to be so difficult. You can video call from any part of the world. A part of sealing your relationship to wanting to see each other more often, be it physically or virtual. If this aspect of the relationship is off, then I’m sorry she’s not going to make this journey worthwhile for you.

Argumentative conversations

Okay, I get it, arguments are the spice to some relationship convos. However, if she is always arguing her points out like she’s in the courtroom, she probably doesn’t see herself listening to you which means she’s not going to have any serious relationship with you going forward. She needs to learn to submit to you and if she’s not willing to let go of her ego then she’s not that into you.

Friendly reminders

Does she often remind you of chances of leaving the relationship or becoming good friends when you two are no more or there are issues? Then be ready for her exit soon. If a lady tells you not to take her so serious and, she means it. She is probably hedging and does not want to disappoint you, hence the heads up.

Excuses for not showing up

Clearly, she does not want to be in your company and so she’ll always have an excuse for not meeting up with you. This definitely has to go on for a couple of times for you to arrive at this conclusion. Altogether, a lady who is so much into you will cross the ocean just to see you.

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