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Beauty Pageants Produce Girls With Rehearsed Speeches- Juliana Atinga

Miss Juliana Lamise Atinga, a YALI Fellow and Development Officer at the Bawku Municipal Assembly, recently shared her sentiments about the menace of most beauty pageants in Ghana. Using her facebook page as a medium, she shared some rather revealing side about beauty pageants. According to her, most of the pageantry lack substance. For instance, Tv3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful came in with a different concept which was widely accepted but 10yrs down the line, the beauties are stuck to repeating the same lines and same stuff, making the program boring.

Below are a few concerns she has with these programs and some proposed solutions:

“Pageantry produce pretty girls with rehearsed speeches and most often with no passion.  The winner is then asked to work on ‘some’ project somewhere. Once in a while you see them on TV donating stuff to orphanages or setting up their own orphanages, and that is all. For those who become journalists, atleast we are able to see them again but for the rest, well… I don’t know where they go to.

Juliana Lamise Atinga

In my opinion I think the concept should change. I like TV3’s concept of highlighting our culture and trying to show what other regions have to offer. I think in the coming years, apart from showcasing the rich culture of our regions, each of the girls should also look for a potential of their region that they think can be transformed into a big business for the region.
 The finals should be a pitching competition with investors who are ready to invest in the ideas. The project which has a great business model, an ability to employ more people, be beneficial to the society,  and can make money for investors wins.

It’s about time we put this beauty with brains thing to the test instead of beautiful girls with rehearsed speeches. We are wasting their brains and wasting our time as well.”

Do you have similar sentiments to the above article? Do you disagree with her? Share with us your opinion in the comment box. 

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  1. Am totally impressed with this article. You are right. I hope stakeholders of various pageants read this and read this article

  2. Thanks for your insight Cathrine.

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