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On Sex Talks And The Wierd Reactions I Get

Lately, I decided to take a break on blogging in order to focus on other equally important areas of my life. I know that I have failed most of my readers, not forgetting my new followers who cringe anytime I mention that I blog about sex. I am back specially for you guys. Let’s be honest, sex talks are a must, especially for young people. My only worry is the funny reactions I sometimes sense around me whenever I am in a place and someone comes up with an issue on sex. Most times, people keep mute and leave some of us to give out all the gist in our heads, while they silently enjoy the stories we share.

Am I the only one who finds this a bit scary and problematic? Anyways…
Forgive me if I sound like a laggard but I recently saw the Season 1 of the movie series, ‘Blackish’. I know that it has been up for a while now however, I just watched it. For those who haven’t watched it yet, It’s a family movie which is made up of seven members (and other characters). One episode I watched was titled, “Sex Talks”. This got me very interested.

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In this particular episode, the father caught his thirteen year old son masturbating in his room. This goes to the fact that children may take up some habits with or without the knowledge of their guardians’ supervision. The father, though found it embarrassing, had to find ways to talk to his son about managing his sexual life. It was during this father-son talk that the boy opened up to more reckless things he had done in the past, giving room for the father to guide and advice him.

The point I am trying to make is that, young people must be given the chance to openly access healthy information on sex so as to help them avoid tragic mistakes. Sex Talks should not be percieved to be for the “naughty” or “spoilt”.  It must be freely and openly discussed in groups, class, families, among others, in order to help curb the many immoral acts like prostitution, rape, teenage pregnancies, and abortion, that we see in society.

I already envision a world where sex talks is not seen as sinful but educational, engaging, and informative. This will help young people to make informed choices on sexual harassment, rape attempts, and unhealthy sexual relationships. The youth must be well prepared mentally so that they are not left with the option of experimenting sex before they learn their lessons the hard way.

I am preaching. Who else is with me on this one? Share, in the comment box,  your lessons on sex talks and some of the wierd reactions you got about the subject matter.

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  1. Because of our up bringing and societal orientations opening talking to kids about sex may trigger their curiosity, some may want to try it to experience what they have heard and seen. but on the whole its very relevant Because it call help curb teenage pregnancy and STDs.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Nana. Comment well appreciated and noted.

  3. I equally envisage an era in our lives as a people where parents will see their kids as friends, come down to their level so as to be able to discuss all issues (sex inclusive) with them. We shall definitely get there but it starts from today.

  4. Chantelle Mensah

    I completely agree! Lets be frank sex is sex its a necessity, its how most living things reproduce and its a source of joy to those who are in the right situation to practise it. I love talking about sex and I say that alot, then I get the odd reactions and I wonder why people are so hypocritical about it.
    I personally think if sex was spoken about more it would really go a long way to help deal with a lot of social problems we deal with today.
    Children and teens aside, adults and married couples need to talk about sex, they need to experiment and finds what works for them and because most of them don’t do that men and women alike start cheating because they are sexually frustrated.
    Sexual therapy in my opinion needs to be encouraged and I for one would love to be a sexologist!

  5. Way to go Emmanuel. Well laid out thoughts on this one. Thanks for the feedback.

  6. If my Dad had been open about sex to me, I might have become a “sex lord” I don’t know whether that describes what I intended to show or not but I guess I won’t turn out so well considering my curious and daring nature. My personal view is, sex talks can be too complex for parents to handle as well as peer groups, I can’t figure out the advice my parents or friends can give if I have a sexual related problem. We are all almost misinformed about the topic so the danger is not with the talk but who gives the talk and how much he/she knows. Take note, nobody is an expert in sex. I prefer to know nothing about sex to learning from a misinformed person.

  7. Well,all I can say is that effective and quality communication with your kids is valid.Parents should not only be parents but friends to their children as the friends they make at school and other places .Parents should be in the hearts and minds of their children .

  8. Generally an Interesting Piece, personally I believe Sex should be talked about (Cos either ways you’d have some doing it) either from an expert or well informed guardian; the positives and negatives and very importantly the Timing. When the youth understands this sexual Myths and their complications will be minimal.

  9. Me dier abi you know raw dier raw paaa
    Will say it as it is..
    Bring it on

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