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On Relationships: Read This If You’re Tired Of The Search

Finding that one true love is now a mirage for most young adults as it seems the current breed of youth are not in for the kill. All hope seem lost as each day seems bleak from what seems like an unending charade of deceit, lies and heartbreaks. Most young people are claiming there is a tag of war in today’s relationships.

The Frustration

Ever since I started talking and discussing relationships with young people, I continue to see the trend in the narrative. The picture currently looks dark, just like Fifty Shades Darker. Casting my mind to that particular movie, the second edition of Fifty Shades of Grey, it starts on a good note and ends on a bad one. That’s what most of today’s relationships are like. Almost every young person today keeps venting their frustrations and disappointments for one another, mostly, without any justifiable reasons.

Expert Remarks

I am not a relationship expert so permit me to revisit some wisdom from Steve Harvey’s book, “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man”. In the book, he describes certain qualities of both a male and female keepers. Keeper here means a marriage material. The book states how a man who genuinely loves will profess, protect and provide for his woman. The woman who is a keeper is also not necessary one who is perfect but one who is kind, patient, and not full of drama. According to the book, both parties must communicate and ask the deeper questions like; “Do you have children?”, “Will your family accept me?”, “How is your finances?”, “Are you in for the long term or for the short term?”. These questions will help you solidify your basis for accepting or refusing to date or marry someone.

Final Words

Not everyone will find true love. Those who find it may not last long, or perhaps they may find happiness forever. The fact still remains that you will need to set standards in order to attract the kind of love that you deserve. High or low standards, true love is not forced. It comes naturally. Eradicate the thoughts of loneliness and less attraction. You are made of love therefore you are more than loved. To love and be loved is a skill that not everyone has. And since we learn by each passing day, get schooled if you must.

I hope that soon you’ll find true love and if you have, I pray you never get tired of each other. Drop a comment below on how you found true love or why you are still searching.

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