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On Designing Your Life

Hello there, welcome to a new blossoming month. I bet the previous months were full of lessons and memories. Often times we get so overwhelmed with life such that we do not give ourselves the chance to pause and think on where we are really headed. This post will explore how to design your life at every stage you get to. Do share your comments in the comments box and let me know your thoughts too.

I recently chanced on the inscription, “You need to have a plan for your life, or else others will have plans for you”. “Interesting words”, I thought to myself. How many people have reflected on such a statement to redirect the life that they want to live? Some people see the word HUSTLE as a term for people who are struggling in life. According a friend of mine, not everyone needs to hustle to become a successful person. I clapped for her and said, “Keep living in your head, Miss Princess from the royal priesthood”.

Of course you do need need to quarry stones or dig a man hole to prove that you are working hard. All you need is some guts to do outrageous and out-of-the-box things that no one else has ever imagined.

All the same, you need to find opportunities and grab them by the horn. Notice the times when you are introduced to great people and great job opportunities. Be deliberate about seizing those little opportunities and working hard to maintain them. It is only then that you are on the path to doing great and immeasurable things with your life.

Most young people my age are at the verge of giving up on their dreams because they lack direction, neither do they have a goal on what they want to achieve in life. This should not be the case. While working at becoming someone successful, also tailor your goals to meet your most interests and skills so that you do not only enjoy what you do, but also get a sense of fulfillment in doing what you love. And when you find yourself being redirected in different courses, learn to accept those opportunities while using them to build unique skills towards your end goal in life. All the best!

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