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Uncle Joe’s Advice

It is a new year and I’m not even taking it for granted that I am alive. I made it to the new year and have the chance to make a difference for 365 more days ahead. Wow! Who else is as grateful as I am? In the spirit of new year’s excitement, I Whatsapped one of my favorite mentors and boss asking him about his secret to being successful. I am not going to be selfish by keeping it to myself, so here goes:

Have Fun

For someone who is a sexagenarian telling you to have fun, you should know it is worth it. My Uncle Joe said he could not believe the times have passed so quickly as he remembered the good old days. The days when one could be care free, make so much money and have time for so much fun. Good health, making decent money, and building a brand were his profound memories of all time.

Plan Everything

It is best to always think and plan towards meeting new people and holding meaningful conversations. The more you know, the more people want to get to be around you.


Dignity, he said, is paramount. When you have dignity, influential people automatically assume you are one of them and they keep you close. According to Uncle Joe, being rich doesn’t quite translate into having dignity although it may help you fake it.

Talk less

Do not talk anyhow in public spaces as it connotes desperation and low class. One has to sound intelligent when talking, having in mind that less is more.

I hope these few tips are helpful and you could take a cue from it as you plan to crush some goals in this new year.

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