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My Take On The Need For Branding In Business

          Photo: Adjei Kofi, Entrepreneur at GeniusTech Hub Ltd. (geniustechhub.com
It is important to know that every business operates on branding. All other factors as advertising, sales, marketing, and public relations are also equally important. The brand is what however makes all these other factors stand. What does your company stand for? On what terms does it operate on? What are your employees’ behavior towards customers like?
Who is going out there to represent the company? What impression do you leave on your customer’s after they have done business with you? It is not enough to make a lot of sales and income. What matters most is when customers keep coming back because you have a good brand image.
Branding is what stands when all other factors of operation or production have failed. Ask yourself whether you would get support from stakeholders and financial entities in case your business starts facing some challenges. This is what every entrepreneur must have very keen interest in developing their brands. This may include grooming and training staff and employees, choosing specific and well modeled organizational skills, putting up integrity, operating on company’s terms and policies, choosing the customer first, and what have you. For instance, if your company is set to start work at eight o’clock in the morning, it will not be fair to start at half past eight. This may not go down well with most customers unless there is a very good reason to explain such shortfall.
Branding seeks to help companies make a name for themselves that sales and marketing may not be able to do. Marketing may get you buyers but branding is what will make these buyers stay true to your brand. Branding will not only attract buyers but will turn these buyers into people who will recommend your brand. This in turn makes your work easy as a company; the more reason why most companies must take branding serious. The way in which you package and present your products and services is the same way your business will be taken serious or as a joke.
Shockingly, many businesses in Ghana today do not take their brands very serious. Some resort to treating their customers with disrespect while others  become complacent after they have built enough followers or customer-base.
Note that, a business that fails to build its brand on a regular basis is one that is planning to die. Every business brand must be sure to show up early, look presentable, possess Unique Selling Proposition, and above all, have a strong relationship with its customers. It should be a brand that is responsible for its actions or inactions.
To know your brand’s performance, make room for customers’ suggestions and inputs and do well to abide by them. Follow up on your most loyal customers regularly and be committed to the course of excellence at the workplace. In short, a functional brand is a highly patronized one.  Every brand which functions on the basic rules of branding with additional high quality standards  is an excellent one.

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