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My Desk (6): Forest Reserves Should Be Preserved

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My Desk (6): Forest Reserves Should Be Preserved

I am grateful to you dear reader for following this series and I congratulate you for reading to this point. In previous posts I have tried to dissect some topical and trending issues in the Ghanaian media terrain. I am not an expert of any sort but I believe in adding one’s voice to the social discourse as a way to help improve the society we live in. Besides, which better medium is available to do so than to share through blogs like this. If you’re abreast of everyday issues as much as I am, allow me to crave your indulgence. Welcome to My Desk, your officially unofficial discussion table. All hands on deck!

Recent updates

If you’ve been following the news lately, you will know that Achimota forest has been on the lips of almost everybody. The forest reserve which has been the home of wildlife in the country is currently being eyed by a notable family who are negotiating to claim portions of the land. Recent updates have me informed that a Committee has been set up to investigate and deliberate on the matters concerning this forest reserve. I hope it yields fruits.


What I know is that every land in Ghana is owned by a family and so surely oneday they might reclaim their lands. However, what baffles me is the fact that government lands, thus, lands which are owned by government can be claimed by a family just like that. Question is, was the family not compensated peacefully before all this brouhaha? Usually, from what I know, these matters are settled amicably before it blows into the public domain. It seems this case was a different one altogether.

Why preserve?

Achimota forest has been known to be sacred all these years. It is a place for prayer, rejuvenation, and recreation. Most of our notable men of God got into ministry through their constant visitations to the place for prayers and waiting on God. The forest also serves as a habitat for wildlife. People also have their work and livelihood out there. Beyond that, it serves as a tourist attraction site where people come sight seeing. In all, I like it for its greenery and the fresh natural breeze that it provides.

Forest reserves are supposed to be part of our ecosystem so that it can serve as a habitat for plants and wildlife. They are a big part of our environmental protection especially in these times when everyone is talking climate change and how to combat global warming. If parts of it is sold for commercial purposes whatsoever, very soon others may encroach on the whole lands and then sooner than later it may become extinct.

Impart generations

Government must at all cost protect the Achimota forest for all its worth and do well to avoid instances where people may habor the idea of encroaching on the lands. No amount of money can save us some from the damaging effects of losing such a great natural reserve. We must teach the upcoming generation to maintain and sustain such archival reserves as the Achimota forest so that they can avoid any instances such as what we are currently facing between government and the Owoo family.

Today, I do not have much to say than to leave you with the words of Mohith Agadi, an SDG’s advocate, who said, “Forests are no one’s property to destroy; They are everyone’s responsibility to protect.”

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