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Mistakes One Makes In Relationships That Can Cost You

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August 10, 2020
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Mistakes One Makes In Relationships That Can Cost You

I have had the chance to listen to a few people and taken cue from some of their mistakes in their relationship with people. I have also had my own share on experiences in life which I think would be worth sharing. Not everyone is supposed to be treated anyhow. You come across good people everyday but you may keep or scare them away by your actions. Here are some wrong moves we make in our everyday relationships with people which need to be checked.

Asking for money

A lot of times, we genuinely need money from people. However, the extent of your relationship with someone should determine whether to ask for money from them or not. In other cases, you may ask but asking too often makes you a bore. People now wonder whether you are for real or not. You become a bit of a liability instead of an asset when you begin asking for financial assistance from people you just got acquainted with.

Telling lies

Dishonest people are one group of people that nobody wants to draw close to. Trust, when broken becomes so difficult to replenish. There are lies that we tell to save the situation which are pardonable. However, if you are sure that the lie will bring future problems, it is best to tell the truth as it is. Bottom line, you will be respected for being honest than giving yourself away with a lie.

Feeling Superior

I am mostly attracted to wealthy, smart and intelligent people who are really down to earth. You know that feeling when you figure out that someone is affluent so you expect them to be distant and boastful only for them to be easy to approach. That is what genuine people who understand the art of relationship are like. Instead of making people feel less of themselves, it is humbling to always come down to every persons level irrespective of your position in life. You do not need to make others less of themselves in order to feel good about yourself.


We all have in one way or the other offended and being offended by people. This is something that is bound to happen at every point in life. Often times, not being able to tolerate and understand people leads to disagreements. It is only wise that we are able to tolerate people inasmuch as they hurt us. A lot of people including myself will easily walk away from a relationship that we feel offended and disrespected in. The true art of long lasting relationships is those that have the parties involved tolerate and understand each other’s differences.

Selfish ambitions

We are in the world where people are self centered, seeking after their own interests. Few people genuinely have the interest of others at heart. If we can be good friends, spouses, family members, it is best that we have others first in mind. A lot of people who are successful in life first thought about bettering themselves in order to improve the lives of others. It is not bad to concentrate on being a better person. The goal should therefore be to be better so that we can add value to other people’s lives.

I believe these will trigger answers which can help us become better people while relating to others. Believe me, everybody needs somebody in life. It is how well you relate with people that pushes you on the map to greatness and fulfillment in life.Which other wrong moves that people make to ruin their relationships can you think of?

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